Friday, January 28, 2011

Canada Moving In Right Direction

On Thursday even Liberal pollster Frank Graves was showing how Canadian public sentiment in the positive direction of our country has been trending upward for the past few months. Iggy is running around out there asking people if they are better off at a time when many people are starting to feel better off. I suppose I have to give kudos to Graves for his spot on the Soloman Show Thursday, because his presentation was really bad news for the Liberals no matter which way you look at it. Maybe Frank was watching the Liberals go headstrong into a spring election and wanted to say "relax guys, now is not a good time to be doing this".


  1. Public sentiment might show they think Canada is moving in the right direction but you can get results like that with a properly worded question. Myself personally I do not think we are moving in the right direction. I think we are moving in a left direction and I am not in the least pleased about it. At the rate the country is changing in 10 years we will be addressing one an other in the name of Allah or calling each other comrade.

  2. Praise be to Allah, that the comrades haven't won yet.

  3. I agree. When Frank Graves no longer talks about a statistical tie, things must be going really bad for the Liberals.