Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Which Tory MP Belongs In Cabinet?

In the wake of yesterday's minor cabinet shuffle, my question is which Tory MP belongs in cabinet? Maxime Bernier and Candice Hoeppner have to be at the top of the list, but before I launch this poll question I would like to collect some feedback. The last time I asked this question in April, Shelly Glover was the big winner. She is currently serving as Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages, which is not a cabinet post. I am also a fan of West Vancouver MP John Weston, who is a very honest and hard working MP in Ottawa.

Last time I asked this question, the result was:

Shelly Glover (42%)
Maxime Bernier (21%)
Pierre Poilievre (20%)
Cheryl Gallant (7%)
John Weston (4%)
Mike Lake (3%)


  1. Shelly is currently serving as PS for Indian Affairs.

  2. I like both Maxime and Candice, maybe they could replace Oda and O'Connor, both nice people but under performing.

  3. Candice Hoeppner or Kelly Block (won the parliamentary rising star award) both are good choices. Mike Lake and Michael Chong are also other solid MPs.

    @Hunter: Maxime and Candice can't replace Oda or O'Connor because Oda/O'Connor are both from Ontario. Cabinet makeups take regions into account.

  4. Bev Oda just returned from Afghanistan

    Gordon O'Connor won his riding with 58% of the vote, he must be doing something right