Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Appointing Senators

Today's poll question; do you think it is okay for the Prime Minister to appoint Senators to enact real Senate reform? The goal is Senate elections and term limits, but the Senate has been filibustering Senate reform. In order to fulfill a promise, the Prime Minister had to break a promise. Do you think that is wrong? He'll be vindicated when his Senate reform legislation finally becomes reality, but in the meantime it has been and will continue to be a substantial avenue of attack for his opponents. He spent the first part of his mandate refusing to appoint Senators, but when the number of open seats became too high and the opposition attempted a legislative coup, Stephen Harper had no choice. Had the Liberals seized power, then they would have dozens of open seats to stack the upper chamber, which you know they would do. This decision was the product of unstable minority government, not a desire to break a promise.


  1. The PM waited three years and almost realized if the coup was enacted in Dec 2008 the Senate would have been lost for several generations to reform.

    They won't re-open constitutional talks so this is the only workable option on the table. I would prefer they include a reduction in the salary, perks including travel and expenses.

  2. it should be basic common sense. unelected people do not get to govern. old white guy.

  3. The reason the PM has had to appoint Senators is because 9 provincial premiers refuse to pass legislation to have them elected. What is he to do. I think that is another reason the lib/coaliton thought they would be able to stack it when their coup was successful.
    Put the blame where it belongs, on Provincial premiers.

  4. |PM asked provinces to enact 'electing senators by the people be instated in the provencial lesgilation. ALBERTA, the only province has their elected senator accepted by PMSH into the Senator chamber.

    Unfortunately, provinces don't want to chose their elected senator which leaves the PM with no choice but to appoint when vacancies come up.

  5. 'In order to fulfill a promise, the Prime Minister had to break a promise.'

    PMSH promised an elected Senate,
    he NEVER promised to NEVER appoint Senators,
    he is quoted as he 'preferred not to'.
    PMSH repeated that quote in the Mansbridge interview.

    Challenge to BTs,
    try to find a QUOTE of PMSH saying he would NEVER appoint Senators.

    The only 'will not appoint Senators' the Liberals have come up with,
    was on the 2006 CPC party website, NOT a direct quote from PMSH.

  6. Your absolutely right Wilson.Always someone trying to make PM Harper look bad.He gave the Provinces a chance to elect the senate and the dumb ass premiers did nothing.Well they can kiss his ass now and STFU,he took control of the Senate without their help and without their input.Maybe when he finally gets his well deserved majority they will co-operate with him and get the elected senate done.

  7. Just to reiterate what Bertie said.The Liberals had their chance to enact senate reform as proposed by Cons but refused due to partisan nitpicking.Eat it liberal hypocrits.And Left continues to get outmanouvered both here in Canada and elsewhere in the world.Amazing what logic and reason does eh?