Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Bill Gates knows full well what's wrong with the F-35s"

I am still waiting for Microsoft founder Bill Gates to tell us what's wrong with the F-35 fighter jets. Ignatieff enlightened us that Bill Gates, the US Secretary of Defense knows full well whats wrong with them. I was unaware that Bill had been appointed to Obama's cabinet, but I'll take Iggy literally at his word rather than out of context. Being that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bill Gates as a business man and technological innovator. I would love to hear his opinion on the F-35s just as soon as he's willing to do so.

Alberta Ardvark put together a great clip of the incident and how it was cut out of a CTV news broadcast.


  1. Perhaps "Press any key" to continue is behind all the problems plaguing the F35 program?

    That "Bill Gates secretary of defense" must be brought before Parliamentary committee for questioning.

  2. Craig Oliver on Question Period Sunday morning made this great comment and observation

    "The Bloc are asking for a 5 billion dollar bribe. I think a lot of us are getting very sick of this. I wish Quebeckers would make up their mind, if they are going to keep electing separatists in great numbers to their national parliament, where are we going with this. At some point we got to really have a talk about this"

    I second that.

    Is this a Michael Ignatieff gaffe or a Liberal talking point?
    Michael Ignatieff on the same show, in an interview with Craig Oliver, comes up with another gaffe, for which he is now becoming famous, and twists an old proverb, and although not on a Yogi Berra level, he is working on it, when he said

    "If you throw mud against the wall some of it will fall down"

    Can we expect that Robert Fife will cover up this Ignatieff gaffe as well?