Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ignatieff Announces Quebec Arena Support

Why am I not surprised that the leader of the Liberal Party is now supporting federal funding of a new arena in Quebec? The Tories originally floated this idea and then backed off after some strong opposition within their own rank and file. Quebec MP Maxime Bernier was the loudest voice opposing the arena project. As an opposition party there is virtually no negative effect to them taking this position, and it could infact gain the Liberals seats in Quebec. The Tories have ten seats in the greater QC area, and could have expanded that with a partial stake financing a popular project. If the Bloc team up with the Liberals to force this issue, it could cost the Tories a majority in the next election. Oh well Max, at least you've got your principles. Hopefully you retain your seat.
As a sports fan I want as many hockey teams in Canada as we can get, and Quebec can only get a franchise if they build a new barn. I support the government spending my tax dollars to get a team back in Quebec City. That's my opinion, but many of you do not share my opinion on this matter. I say do let's do it! Hell, I even once advocated putting a franchise in Whitehorse, but that was purely sarcastic.

PS: Isn't this a great photo of  Count Chocula?


  1. Our equalization payments to QC can be diverted, no need to send an extra five billion for Bloc support.

    The arena is QC would mean at least one billion in total for other projects.

    If QC residents want the can raise the property taxes, provincial taxes to make up the $ 175 million shortfall.

  2. In my opinion, it's never the government's business to be in business: no money for the arena.

    The end game to victory for Harper is to now emphasize his government's commitment to steely restraint, not new expenditures.

  3. What guarantee is there a hockey team would come to Que and what guarantee is there that Que will even bid on a future olympics, let alone get one.
    No blocmail for a quebec arena.
    We now know what price the liberals are prepared to pay to get their coalition.

  4. Jessica Murphy from Sun Media said in an article printed today ,that the NDP/ Grits OPPOSE arena funding, without a solid development plan but the Conservatives haven't ruled out Federal involvement???Is this a waffle? This was yesterday.

  5. No name commentor, if you read Iffy's quote,
    he said 'if if if WAY'.

    And what's up with Jack?
    Supporting big sports corporations and multimillion dollar salaried athletes...
    when seniors are struggling paying high heating bills, and junkies across Canada need safe injection sites!
    How could you Jack...

    The LPC spent years blurring the lines between federal and personal responsibility.
    I voted for a government that I thought was not going to play that game.

    Changing the rules to fund professional sports arenas is funding special interest groups.
    I, and millions of other Canadians, voted CPC to stop that suck up butt kissing behaviour in government.

    And if the party I voted for thinks my tax dollars should be used to kiss big city butt for votes,
    then I guess they can have it,
    in exchange for my generous annual contribution.

  6. I'm ignoring the rhetoric. Its all contradictory. Recently the Mayor of Quebec City said they were moving ahead without the federal gov't. Is that true, or are they just trying to pressure the feds, as the Bloc leader is?

    Stephen Harper has said a couple times that these ventures should be led by the private sector, yet other MPs are leaving the door open (Hello Min. Paradis!!) as if its still possible.

    In the end I don't think it'll happen. The Tories will lose more support in the R.O.C than they'll gain in Quebec by funding that arena.

  7. Who in hell knows where Iggy stands.Here is what he said in Toronto Sun. Don't wait for main street media to pin his ears on his conflicting statements leaving Canadians dumfounded. -

    OTTAWA – “Vague promises from millionaires” shouldn’t get the feds to pony up cash for an NHL-calibre arena.” “No public subsidies for the National Hockey League, no public subsidies for millionaires”.