Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And Then There Was Dalton...

We have now seen 3 Canadian Premiers announce their resignation in the past few months, first Gordon Campbell, then Danny Williams, now Ed Stelmach. Two of the three are stepping down due to unpopularity, where Williams wants to go out on top. What I would like to know if this recent trend is putting any pressure on Dalton McGuinty to do the honourable thing and step down before his Ontario Liberals get trounced in the next election this fall. Today's poll question; should Dalton McGuinty resign as Premier of Ontario?


  1. I'd prefer that he stick around for this election and have the dishonour of losing his seat, rather than hightailing it before election day and leaving the mess on the laps of his other incompetent ministers.

    Dalton should be forced to wear the economic woe he has brought to Ontario, and be held to account accordingly.

  2. I voted, "Yes", but wisdom in your comment I see, CanadianKimchi.

  3. I suspect Dalton is unaware of the sensibilities of what is happening in Ontario.

    The boy in the bubble rings true in this case.

  4. McGuinty is wildly incompetent, so the next election with him running will mean Hudak wins by default and no mandate to get at root problems.

    The best way to move the center to the right is to move the goalposts to the right.

    A new Liberal leader will have to face up to the out of control spending in Ontario. Liberals with a new leader will move to the right. That will allow Hudak to also tack right (we would hope).


  5. I had expected McGuinty to face the inevitable and step down, but given the time frame, I am not convinced that he will. Anyone so delusional as to believe windmills could make an economic and environmental contribution to Ontario's energy supply mix remains unpredictable. Either way,and I hope he stays to reap the full humiliation of his policies, the Liberal government's days are numbered. Just 8 more months remaining.

  6. It's tough to say if he will leave, or not. He has to believe that with him at the helm, he, and the Provincial liberals have the best chance of winning the election. Maybe he'll stay.