Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Borrowing Harper's Policies: Corporate Tax Cuts

Tonight Barak Obama gave his state of the union speech in Washington, and I was pleased to see him borrow quality economic policy from the Harper government, lowering the corporate tax rate. The Liberal messiah looked north for advice on how to help repair the American economy. Ironically the Liberals up here have decided to focus their vitriol on corporate tax cuts, which is now also Obama policy. Granted it always needs to be pointed out that this is only becoming policy in Canada because it was originally supported by the Liberals. They are now campaigning ferociously against a policy position that they supported last year.

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?


  1. Pretty funny... I guess now the "Liberals" disagree with their great telepromtor reader to the south, Obummer, and will happily explain why Obummer is wrong.

  2. Should be interesting to watch the Liberals tie themselves in knots explaining why it's good when The Messiah does it, but BAD when Harper does it.

    I can't wait.


  3. Obama also is 'cutting red tape' for businesses,
    sound familiar?

    ''Ottawa creates task force on red tape
    Jan 13, 2011
    The Red Tape Reduction Commission will work to reduce the burden of federal paperwork on businesses, especially small- and medium-sized ones...'


  4. Wonder if iggy will re-run his picture with O in Times Square.
    PMSH leads the way for O to follow.

  5. A lot of cyberspace being filled up with Obama's bounce in the popularity ratings. Wait until no off-shore drilling gas hits $5.00/gal. And the trillion dollar debt has to be paid down.

  6. There's a campaign ad for you. A sound bite from Iggy about how his Harvard credentials give him the ear of Obama. A sound bite of Iggy saying we need to raise the corporate taxe rate. Then a sound bite from the big O saying corporate taxes need to be lowered for a healthy economy.

    It's gold Jerry! Gold!

  7. Was Obama really chewing gum as he made his way into the Chamber before giving his speech?

    Very cliched speech - I almost feel asleep two-thirds of the way in.

    Taking credit for Iraq doing well - we all know Obama was against the surge.

    Pushing for excellence in education, but he is against charter schools, notably in Washington, D.C.

    All that proposed investment in green energy - been there, done that. We are not going to replace oil by wind and solar energy.

    Finally all that pro America talk, when Obama never praises America, especially not when he goes abroad.

  8. Obama did the 'vision thing', again last night,
    when the American economy needs action now,
    not 'by the year 2035 we will have clean energy'.

    What shocked me was Obama is doing now some of what Canada DID 2 years ago,
    spend on long term investments in a crumbling infrastructure, and invest in job/business attracting tax policy.

    What in the hell has the Obama admin done for 2 years to help their economy, other than the recent extension of the Bush tax cuts?