Sunday, January 23, 2011

Canada Needs More Asians

We are in the process of a substantive demographic shift that is going to see us lose a very important chunk of our labour force to retirement in the next decade. Unless Canadians start producing more children, we have to start making up the difference elsewhere. Europe has the same problem, and I doubt we could count on another significant influx of European immigration anytime soon. To be honest, I would much rather have more Asians than more Europeans. I have worked with many people in Vancouver who were born in Asia (mostly China), and they are great people and hard workers. If we are to continue aborting a significant proportion of our future labour force, then lets import more Asians because we really need them.

I remember the Liberals attacking Harper for boycotting the 2008 Beijing Olympics in protest of human rights abuses, then a few months later a large chunk of the Asian Canadian population in British Columbia shifted to the Tories. The riding with the largest Asian population is Richmond, which shifted from Liberal to Tory in 2008 (including West Vancouver, North Vancouver, among others with a large Asian population), and a narrowing of the gap in virtually all greater Vancouver ridings. I would guess 75% of the people living in Canada who were born in China are opposed to the current ruling regime in their motherland. I want more Asians in my Canada. I really like those people.

Why do you think that the Prime Minister appointed one of his most talented ministers to the immigration portfolio? It wasn't to bury him.


  1. So what your saying is Canada will be annexed to China in the next 100 years when over half of Canada will be Chinese.

    You must be really proud of your country and its history bud.

    The Chinese here keep their culture.

    Get rid of the white guilt and ask why China doesn't import millions of different people from foreign cultures. Or any other country for that matter.

    I don't hear anyone in Canada calling the Chinese or the Japanese or anyone else "racists" for not importing millions of foreigners of different cultures.

    Canada is the only,and I mean only country in the world that is allowing this to happen.

    If you want to raise your kids under Chinese Communism(which is more or less already here) then bring over millions of Chinese.

    Ill be in the Good Ole USA joining the 2nd Revolution.

    All the best to Chinese Canada and the hundreds of thousands of "white Canadians" who died to make it happen.

    They must be proud of how us Canadians have treated their "sacrifice".

    Until Canadians start killing the "multicultural model", they will one day find themselves as "slaves".

    What a shame we have people in this country who are willing to turn it into something no one can even imagine or predict.

    No one knows what Canada will look like n 100 years or even if it will still be called Canada.

    That's pathetic, but just what the "Globalists" and the "Trudeau Marxists" wanted.

  2. And to top it off, yes Iceman, I don't care about the Canadian "economy" as much as i do about my Canadian "culture".

    And yes, there is a Canadian "culture".

    And it's not Chinese.

  3. I live in a neibourhood that used to be predominantly white (8 years ago). It is now overwhelmingly asian (only ourselves & one other family in a four block radius).

    The asians speak Chinese. Their children refuse to speak english to our 5 year old & play with her.

    I've seen english school classes closed in favour of chinsese.

    I can assure you that asians are every bit as racist as any KKK member.

    So Ice man if you love them so much quit gushing about them and start learning Chinese & go live in Vancouver. --- If they'll accept you.

    You can start screaming that I'm a racist now.

  4. You're right Anon,

    IceMan suffers from "white guilt" and has been brainwashed to believe Canada has no "heritage" and "culture" but rather we're just a "Globalist" country.

    A country where foreign interests trump native born interests.

    It's quite clear how Canadians have been brainwashed to hate their country.

    Changing the demographic from a "white" to a "non white" country is nothing to be proud of.

  5. Saskatchewan has found a much more desirable resource for immigration.

    Europa, the fatherland of Canada.
    We understand who initially came and built our Nation and have decided to go back to the well to resume this search for great peoples.
    One country that has been of assistance in this mission has been Ukraine.
    We have welcomed hundreds if not thousands of people/families of the Ukraine into Saskatchewan.
    We have sent public/private delegates to the Ukraine to offer jobs and immigration services. They arrive already trained in much needed trades like welding, masonry, carpentry etc. They pay their taxes, contribute to our communities and are very willing to assimilate into our great society while bringing their European heritage into the fold.
    Plus Ukrainian women are unbelievably beautiful and still adhere to the traditional female skill sets of rearing children, and home making.

    No more chinese, they are the most backwards, xenophobic and racist people on the planet.
    Iceman, if you only knew what they say about you in cantonese or mandarin when you walk by them, you may change your tune.
    A quick Google search will provide all the Chinese racism you can handle.
    It is part of their uncouth culture.
    As proud and free Canadians we must all resist the mongolian and other undesirable hordes from coming to our shores.
    We must preserve our rich European heritage to the last breath and the only way of doing this is to attract the attractive.

  6. Wow...have guys interacted with Asians or do you form your opinion of them with made up caricatures inside your head? Lots of Chinese people doesn't mean you'll be "annexed" by the Chinese. LOL. A Chinese Canadian citizen is equal to a white Canadian citizen. Being "Chinese" doesn't make them any less Canadian. You need to get over your racism and realize that just as huge numbers of Ukranian, German, and Dutch immigrants in various parts of our country didn't turn this country into another version of Ukraine, Germany or Holland, you don't have to fear a future Canadian populace that might be non-white.

  7. Fuck off Indian guy. Read my post again you fucking idiot.

    I HAVE interacted with them. And I've interacted with Indians all my life and I've come to know they are always the first ones to scream racism to get their own way.

  8. I live in Vancouver and I'm moving out. I don't like this society, and it's not the Asians and its not the white but the combination of it. We need to get out of our personal bubble and start interacting with each other, the white hang out with the whites and the asian with the asians, we'll never be proud to be Canadian, we are proud to be German, Chinese, Indian, or whatever, I'm done with you Vancouver.

  9. Canada does not equal to White European culture. If you don't like, why don't you get the fuck out of this country? Get use to having other races immigrating to Canada because it isn't going to stop.