Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stephen Harper Visits Africa

Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is visiting Africa to promote his maternal health initiative to try and reduce the mortality rate of mothers and children. Whenever I watch my Prime Minister perform abroad, I can't help but feel proud that this man (and not Stephane Dion) is the top statesman who represents Canada around the world. Ignatieff would be just as embarrassing, fortunately it doesn't look like he'll be winning any elections anytime soon.

As the Prime Minister visits North Africa, there is escalating tension in Egypt as protesters are demanding the resignation of the long serving President Mubarak. I think democracy would be great for that part of the world, but the current Egyptian leader has been keeping the peace for many years now. There is a risk that a new regime could escalate hostilities with Israel, which would be really bad for everyone involved. It is very important that the Muslim Brotherhood not gain power in Egypt.


  1. We read about McKay and the border gaff,
    the Terminator and the Iraq gaff,
    but did you know,
    on the same day Iffy made a blooper too:

    '...Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff made it a trio of blunders when he unwittingly replaced U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates with the head honcho of Microsoft.

    ''We think that Bill Gates, the (US) secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s,'' Ignatieff replied when asked a question about the fighter jet.

    Ignatieff later used the same event to chide MacKay for his geography mistake.

  2. On CTV National, the Libluvers ran the entire LPC fighter jet attack ad,
    then followed with

    a clip of Iffy saying
    "....the secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s''

    but CUT the Iffy gaff out

    ''We think that BILL GATES, the (US) secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s

    and of course CTV brought up McKay's gaff

    I don't do twitter,
    somebody should point out to Ms CTV that we are aware she cut Iffy's gaffe out of her National segment tonite,
    and gave the Liberals free prime time advertising.