Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Media Banished From Attawapiskat

It's interesting that a Native Chief engaged in a cheap publicity stunt to extort more money from the federal government has now ordered that the media be banished from their community. Generally when people are involved in a publicity stunt, they want more media attention, not less. However in this case, the media has started asking some very inconvenient questions about how the leadership in this community has spent $100 million dollars of tax payers money. So instead of embracing the spotlight (as most engaged in publicity stunts aggressively seek), the media has been shut down and ordered to leave town.

It's a weird world that we live in, where an individual who should be investigated for corruption, for misappropriating millions of dollars that was supposed to be spent on the people she represents has now become a cult hero among that community. Seriously? Unfortunately it's very difficult to determine how that money was spent because their bookkeeping is severely lacking in details. Getting answers requires people on the ground investigating and asking questions (which is what the media was doing before getting kicked out). The people of Attawapiskat should be gathering on their Chief's lawn with pitch forks demanding answers. In order to get answers, you need people asking questions.

If this fiasco happened in my community, with millions of government dollars being misappropriated by the leadership, redirected to themselves, and not spent on the critical issue it was intended for; we would be demanding the resignation of person in charge. We would want auditors to investigate and even call in the police if necessary. If those same leaders were vehemently blocking any investigation, it would only further convince me of their guilt. Instead there is this sham of a hunger strike that has turned a leader who should be investigated for corruption into a hero of her people?

As the song goes; "I've been trying to make some sense of it all, but I can see it makes no sense at all."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hunger Strike 2013: Update

I am now 24 hours into my hunger strike demanding that the government buy me a house. Let me clarify, I'm going to stop eating "solid foods", but everything else is still in play. Yes, I'm willing to die to get my free house, but I won't stop eating Dairy Queen. Consuming plenty of vitamins and calories does not guarantee that I will survive this ordeal, but when you see pictures of me a month into the protest and it doesn't look like I've lost any weight, trust that I'm still willing to die for my free house. This will allow other people to cry that I'm dying, when infact I could do this for several months.

Frankly it doesn't matter if the government has already spent millions of dollars on me; how that money was allocated is of no concern to the tax payers who funded it. Try to investigate, and I'll sue, maybe even block a highway. I should be a hero, not subject to an investigation that I stole bags of cash from the people I'm supposed to represent. Auditors should not be allowed to peak behind the curtain. I'm making a statement and trying to help all the people who deserve a free house. I will be their martyr, just pay no attention to the many calories that I'm consuming and the money I've stolen. That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is free everything for everyone.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Hunger Strike

I have been giving it a lot of thought lately, and it's about time that the government buys me a house. I'm considering going on a hunger strike until I get what should rightfully be mine. As a Canadian citizen, it should be a basic human right that the government buys me a house; and not just a shack in the woods, it needs to be a nice house wherever I want to live. I don't think that I should be responsible for cleaning or maintaining this house. I'd like the government to provide a maid service to keep my house liveable.

While we're at it, I only want to work for a few months per year. So on top of my new house, I'm demanding a living wage for extended seasonal vacations, provided by the government. This feels like a basic human right and a benefit I should be entitled to, and I won't eat until I get it from the Prime Minister. I also want the right to self government in my free house. If I want to open a casino or sell cheap smokes out of my basement, that should be my right as a Canadian.

Also, the government should pay off the balance of my student loan. Education is a right, but not one I should have to pay for. It's a right of mine that rich people should have to pay for me. A new car would be nice too. Everybody should get to own a car, a nice new car. A new Zamboni would be even better. Why doesn't the government pay for my trips to the dentist? They should. Failure to pay for me to get my teeth whitened is denying me basic minimal living conditions that should come automatically with my Canadian citizenship.

Since I make under $50,000 per year, I should not have to pay any taxes on anything. Let's just tax the rich. I want a card that exempts me from paying taxes. However the government should be forbidden from reviewing my finances for any reason. That should be a basic human right extended to all Canadians (except rich people), including free gas. I want free gas. Beiber gets free gas, I want free gas. Seems fair. Free gas should be a basic human right. Throw in a free car wash every now and then. I won't eat until this demand is met.

I'm willing to die for what's rightfully mine. I'm not going to take it anymore! I am owed a better life and will no longer stand idly by while the government denies my basic human rights.

“When several villages are united in a single complete community, the state comes into existence, originating in the bare needs of life, and continuing in existence for the sake of a good life.”