Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Trudeau Coronation Begins

Tonight Justin Trudeau will officially launch his bid to become the next Liberal leader, in what many expect to be a coronation rather than a leadership race. Justin is a far greater threat to the NDP than he is to the Conservatives, as you can guarantee he'll be fighting hard for votes in Quebec, where the Dippers had their major breakthrough in the last election. Tom Mulcair should be far more worried than Stephen Harper. Perhaps the biggest question is who would give the Liberals the best chance of winning the next election, Trudeau or Rae? Personally if I had to decide between Trudeau or Mulcair, I'd have to go with Mulcair. Justin is a little bit nuts. He'll speak about himself in the 3rd person and has an exaggerated belief in his own greatness, which is his birth right dammit! He's no piece of *bleep*.

Trudeau makes Mulcair look reasonable and pragmatic. And yet, is there anyone to oppose the young future King? Rae has dropped out of the race, or forced out, however you want to look at it. As a Tory, the Liberal who worries me the most is Dominic LeBlanc. There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen Harper would eat Justin Trudeau alive in the debates. Justin has an unusually high probability of saying something outrageous and idiotic in hindsight.