Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Happened To Don Martin?

Did Don Martin get fired as host of CTV's Power Play or is he getting a long vacation just a few short weeks into his new gig? Dan Matheson has been standing in for the last several episodes, and before that Liberal activist Jane Taber spent some time setting the agenda. Did Martin's people negotiate a lot of vacation time into his new deal, or is CTV having sober second thoughts about their selection? While I admit that Don Martin sucks at TV, I do prefer him to Taber and Matheson. Its the lesser evil.

I googled "Don Martin fired" and didn't find anything.


  1. You have a great question going on, I personally think Don Martin is more suited for answering questions rather than asking them. Don also does a pretty good documentary, but to be honest he is not good at hosting.

  2. Please come back Don! I don't really like seeing politicians sitting in as the host. That was really weird.

  3. Maybe he is on special assignment for a pre-election Libluvin media fest,
    at the Liberal candidates school, doing indepth interviews?

  4. o/t
    Obama gives his State of the Union address tonight. Insiders say most important issue will be 'jobs, jobs, jobs'.

    What will Iffy say if Obama tackles job creation with corporate tax cuts...?

  5. On one of the show's they said Don Martin was on a holiday for 3 weeks.

  6. 'Mitch McConnell:
    Obama to Propose Corporate Tax Cut in State of the Union'

    "Lowering the federal corporate tax from its current top rate of 35 percent would be a significant move to attract business investment in the U.S....
    "The president's fiscal commission recommended lowering the corporate rate to between 26 and 28 percent.....''


  7. It is being called Date of the Union speech at Fox. And yes, tax cuts will be a major topic.
    Poor iggy, tax cuts good, mandatory long form census loses in Court again.
    Some good news today, Stelmach is finished.

  8. Mary, from the bits and pieces I have read today,
    Obama is going to freeze spending except
    -existing social programs
    and cut corp taxes between 7-9%,
    sounds like his 'vision' for the environment at the expense of jobs is out the window too,
    his Env min just quit today.

    that sounds like a prescription from Harper's Canada, eh

  9. It must be nice to have a job where you can get a plush 3 week vacation so soon after starting a new job. Unless he was encouraged to take some time off by whoever sees the ratings.

  10. Wilson, I will be writing a blog post after the State of the Union. Corporate tax cuts good? Got it!

    What else is funny is that I get about 10% - 15% of my traffic from Google searches. I'm not kidding, #3 on the list of searches that brought people to my site "Don Martin terrible".

  11. Don is probably at campaign readiness school like the rest of the Liberal PPG

  12. He is probably getting some training. It isn't as easy as it looks methinks.