Saturday, January 29, 2011

NHL All-Star Draft

It was interesting to watch the NHL All-Star teams be selected by a captain's draft. Eric Staal picked his own goalie Cam Ward 1st overall, in a clearly partisan move. By the way, isn't it ironic that Carolina had 3 All-Stars but are currently sitting outside the playoff race? Meanwhile Detroit, sitting in 2nd in the Western Conference had one player named to the game. Though the Wings have been hit hard by injuries and very likely made Zetterberg and others unavailable for the game. It was outstanding that the Toronto Maple Leafs only selection, Phil Kessel, was the very last pick in the draft. Chicago had 4 All-Stars and currently sit in the 7th spot in their Conference, but at least they won the Stanley Cup. Jonathon Toews seemed to enjoy the draft the least. He was not comfortable.


  1. You know..when the Leafs get back is going to be a real bitch.

    I hope Kessel scores a hatty and stuffs it in your face.

  2. Been a long time waiting for that day, Kursk. Love my Leafs but man, it was nice seeing Logan Coutier reping as SJ rookie. Logan was taken with the Draft pick sent to SJ for Toskula and Bell. A pick traded with Logan clearly available.
    Then two more 1st rounders traded for Kessel, who is a nice player, but we are never gonna be good if we don't start building