Thursday, January 20, 2011

Death Penalty Scandal?

Peter Mansbridge specifically asked the Prime Minister in a recent interview if he planned to introduce the death penalty if he won a majority. Was this up for debate? The PM answered that he supported it in some cases (like serial killers), but that it was not tenable public policy and would never be put on the table in a Tory majority. Now all of a sudden the opposition are using this to attack Prime Minister Harper? He said he's not going to do it, and somehow this is being used by the opposition to attack him? Does this make any sense? I thought it was odd that Mansbridge even asked the hidden agenda questions in this interview when many think an election is imminent, but the PM said no this will not be policy and the Liberal response is to attack no change in current law.

This is getting nutty.


  1. Pathetic, but what else have they got? They attack they are just promoting the old "hidden agenda".
    I think many Canadians could agree with PMH, I know I do. He stated he will not introduce this as it would not be tenable policy.
    Again I agree, I also don't know why this even came up.
    But like the last election, if that is where we are going, it was all about the environment scam.
    The opposition can't talk about our economy, what else have they got besides Mr Ignatieff's never ending tours and Jack's last hurrah.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. If the Liberal-left media went all in after Sara Palin, Conservatives in the states why would it not be repeatable in Canada?

    The liberal-left have no qualms of projecting their bias and rhetoric in order to smear their opponents.

    Simple test. Has the state broadcaster given the skeptics 1% of the coverage they have given the warmists?

    This is the same station that covered the holy host and sent a CBC crew to get a scoop on Helena "nefarious" activities.

    Caledonia is too remote apparently. Tropical Island no problem.

  3. Who Ya Gonna Believe?

    Michael Ignatieff, when he says he won't form a coalition if the Tories don't win a majority

    Stephen Harper, when he says he won't bring back the death penalty

    Vote here:

  4. If Liberals use the "hidden agenda" angle again, they open themselves up to pretty heavy criticism. They signed a coalition agreement leading to attempted government takeover, shortly after the last election. After 5 years of Conservative government, and after hearing the slogan going back to 1993, Canadians may well have moved past this idea.

  5. What would one call Layton's deal with Giles to plan a coup after the election, if not a hidden agenda.