Saturday, January 29, 2011

Commercial Condemnation

Maybe I'm just a blind partisan, but I don't see the justification for moral outrage over the recent Tory TV ads. How on earth has this breached any kind of ethical boundary? They aren't nearly as bad as ads made by the Liberals just a few short years ago, and none of the material is libelous. Okay, so all of a sudden we think that "context" is a prerequisite for commercial advertising? Maybe I have just seen too many Bud Light commercials in my life to take this crap seriously; but I cannot understand for the life of me how anyone finds this offensive.

If you are offended by these ads, then maybe you should consider sniffing some smelling salts. There is a lot of malicious, graphic violence on our TVs 24 hours a day. Saying that Ignatieff wants an election and showing a clip where he looks ridiculous should rank very low on our scale for what's offensive and what is not. Am I just desensitized, or is it nuts how mad some people are about this?


  1. I agree with the Iceman. Iggy is being used as a prop, that's all. In public he has said yes to all of what the ad is implying. Just so happens Iggy's Howard Dean moment worked in there nicely. Most of the whining comes from partisan pundits and left leaning pinko kook media.


  2. I suspect for some partisan Conservatives they feel we are "better" and don't need to resort to negative ads to win. I suspect many people want some mythical positive more civil tone from our elected officials.

    I like you don't expect ANY change from our political leaders. Negative ads and political games is the most direct and used tactic.

    After having accusations of having our Government called racists, crooks, war criminals for months I don't have an issue with poking fun with his Howard Dean moment.

    These ads were developed and left on the party website for the MSM-Liberal outrage. (It worked)

    It was NOT part of the media buy. I suspect they set a trap for those looking to write negative articles about the Conservatives. Did it work? Yes.

    The criticism would be from the same people who did not like the "just visiting" ads.

    The NDP-Liberals are on tour? Where is the MSM focus on them or the Government "out of context ads"?

    The MSM dedicates "x" number of pages to politics what party has captured the coverage?

    The Howard Dean moment courtesy of Ignatieff being protected by the Media has now been given a much wider audience and is beyond the Web and blogging Tories. It will NEVER disappear.

    I was thinking of having the dueling banjos music overlay on his speech for effect to bring out the Hilly billy inside Iggy.

    My over heating comp issue has not flared up for awhile but other tech issues limit my videos production.

  3. Check this video out -- Attack Ads - The latest outrage via @youtube

  4. Sour grapes media must grow up' besides it's only attack add's when con's have advertising,the point of the advertising was simple,get use to it it's a war.

  5. Now that the media has decided 'out of context ads' are not going to be tolerated,
    how is the LPC going to slide their out of context ads thru?

    The LPC has based 98% of their advertising taking PMSH/CPC quotes out of context and twisting 're-worded quotes' into fear mongering.

    New rules for Donolo

  6. "The Yes,Yes,Yes, Way" clip made Mr Ignatieff look ridiculous?
    I'm with you on this one Iceman after some of the ad's run by the Liberals.
    The slagging of our troops,endless accusations.
    Mr Ignatieff is ridiculous.
    He does not even show up at the HOC most of the time.
    He appears to have no understanding of ecomonics whatsoever.
    I guess being Conservative means you are not allowed to point these things out to their cheerleaders in the press gallery.
    Send some smelling salts to the shocked and horrified Travers.
    Cheers Bubba

  7. So i can say iceman likes to put rodents in his bum and quote him saying "I don't see the justification for moral outrage" "I cannot understand for the life of me how anyone finds this offensive.

    This would be okay then? no?
    Brilliant Logic guys.

  8. The ads certainly offended my intelligence although I wouldn't say I was offended...if you know what I mean.