Monday, January 17, 2011

"Soldiers with guns in our cities"

It is amusing to see Liberals get sanctimonious about negative advertising, this being the same party who brought us the 2004 and 2006 election campaigns where they warned of "soldiers with guns, in our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up." I also recall another where they pointed a gun at viewers suggesting they might get shot if the Conservatives win. I found a few examples of Liberal attack ads, which is a great reminder for any left wing kooks crying foul over the Tories using negative advertising. Maybe two wrongs don't make a right, but a negative multiplied by a negative is a positive. That's deep...

The Liberals would be running ads of their own right now if they could afford them.


  1. You beat me to it! I was going to look for that ad with the gun pointed right at us. The Liberals are the masters of REAL attack ads.

  2. The first one seems like a comedy skit, the conservatives should buy that one and place adds with it to show how ridiculous it sounds. Overall though, it reminds me how strong the liberal brand used to be, and how weak it is now...

  3. I like the CPC use of 'Iffy in his own words',
    and I hope every time Iffy or Bobby say
    "Tea Party" the " we Americans" truth ad is run!

  4. It is funny to see multiple 2004 and 2006 Liberal campaign ads attacking Harper for supporting the invasion of Iraq. Now they have a leader whom if he had been PM would have sent Canadian soldiers to Iraq. Irony is bliss...

  5. Only thing i find offensive regarding the new Conservative ads is the use by most blogs and news media of the word ATTACK ADS.These ads do nothing more than tell the TRUTH and relay a message of what was said by IGGY and what was done by the opposition parties.Why not start using the word truth when it is the truth and attack when it is an attack.In other words why follow in the slimy footprints of the MSM and opposition parties.Keep hammering the word truth down their throats till they start using it instead of letting them get away with labeling them attack ads.Challenge them each time they use the word out of context on TV,radio and in print.THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH

  6. Do the msm or coalition even know where the name tea party comes from or what TEA stands for
    Anyone against said tea party is for more and higher taxes, aka liberals and ndp.
    The next thing we have to expose is that oil companies and banks are not the only corporations in Canada. Almost every business is. Look thru your phone book and see how many pharmacys, lawyers, accountants, doctors, those businesses in the mall you shop in, the restaurants and fast food places you frequent, even starbucks, are AN EVIL CORPORATION that libs/ndp want to increase taxes on. How many jobs are in those corporations. I believe that Layton even owns a private corporation.

  7. I see the military is in Quebec...driving armoured personnel carriers...that have our our cities... they are buidling defences with sandbags...I'm not making this upl