Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diane Ablonczy

I was listening to the media response to Diane Ablonczy's cabinet promotion, and I heard pundits calling it a "lateral move". She went from junior Minister of State for Seniors to Foreign Affairs. That is a big promotion, as foreign affairs is a big deal. How can you rightfully call that a lateral move? One Blogging Tory even suggested that she should quit politics, which is absurd considering she was promoted from junior minister of a minor portfolio to a high profile position. It's foreign affairs! It isn't as though she was put into the environment revolving door, she got a promotion! When things happen in the world, she's going to be on TV. This is great for her and she deserves praise for her public service.

Personally, I think Shelly Glover should have been named to cabinet over Fantino.


  1. The PM also gave her consular affairs, which has been a messy file with Canadians getting themselves into various overseas troubles and then wanting help, justifiably or not. Some of these situations are very tricky these days.

    Shelly is highly effective, but does not represent Toronto.

  2. Agreed Diane got a promotion. Their are many Conservatives that are deserving of a spot at the Cabinet.

    Kent-Fantino appears to signify the GTA push. Larry Smith at East Montreal Island. The CPC are deploying stars at the gates at every Liberal stronghold giving the Liberals reason to divert their resources to fight a local ground game vs a focused national air war on television.

    This is part of the strategy and I can't see Fantino serving two terms you?

  3. Every CPC women cabinet minister has been attacked by the Opps, demanding their resignation, without exception.

    Not giving the Opps (flame throwers Jennings/Holland) fresh targets (Shelly and Candice)just before an election, was a good move.
    Dianne can hold her own.

  4. Kory Teneycke gets back in saddle at Sun TV News
    YEEEEEHAH , and here we go...

  5. You mean West Island Montreal for Larry Smith? Check out the second nasty pre-emptive attack caricature in the (Montreal) Gazette today on Larry Smith (the other was Dec. 23rd).

    What did Smith do to Aislin when he was publisher of the Gazette - steal his parking space or something? A real vendetta and Smith hasn't even got his feet wet yet.

  6. It is only a slight promotion, so I can sort of see why they'd call it lateral. Ablonczy is still a junior minister. She is still a "Minister of State (Foreign Affairs)" not the actual full-blown "Minister of Foreign Affairs."

    While, I think Ablonczy is a fantastic minister, it's all about regional makeup. Diane Ablonczy would be a full minister, if Jason Kenney (and formerly Jim Prentice) were not from Calgary. Before Prentice's resignation, the Prime Minister, Environmental Minister, Immigration Minister, and Minister of State (Seniors) all came from one city, Calgary. Compare this to Edmonton which only has one minister (Rona Ambrose). Even though Prentice left, Calgary is still overrepresented.