Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alberta's Next Premier

Thursday's poll question will be; who should be Alberta's next Premier? In the meantime your suggestions are welcome. If Steady Eddy Stelmach is going to step down before the next provincial election, then whoever runs to replace him will become Premier for a short time before going to a general election. Wouldn't it be nice if Danielle Smith replaced him? Except that would require her to leave the Wildrose Party, which I expect she's unwilling to do. The best thing that the Alberta PC Party could do is find someone who is very popular federally.

Personally I'd love to see Danielle Smith run for the federal Tories.


  1. Only hope in my opinion is Monte Solberg. Danielle needs to stay with the Wildrose, because she stands an excellent chance of becoming Alberta's next ELECTED Premier.

  2. Who ever will protect Albertans from another NEP
    and protect Alberta's land, water and air at the same time.

    Who ever will have the courage to forge changes to the delivery of healthcare in Alberta,
    and stand up to challenges from the raging grannies, Jack Layton, and the coalition of losers.

  3. One vote for Monty Solberg.

    Alberta Bob

  4. Monte Solberg is a dud. He would be worse than Stelmach.

    The Wildrose Alliance does not need the PC Party. Danielle Smith will be the next premier.

    Wilson, I'm not sure what planet you are on. The NEP was signed by Peter Lougheed. Stephen Harper is the guy who raped income trusts (and he promised he would never do it.). Under Harper more money uis being siphoned out of Alberta than at any time in Alberta's history. You are too partisan to see the damage and neglect of Stephen Harper in Alberta.

  5. o/t
    Well this is certainly a surprise.
    Dippers are right up there with Cons on the death penalty,
    some one should tell Jack:

    68% of Dippers support the death penalty!

    46% of NDP voters want it reinstated,
    22% NDP voters support the measure but don’t want the feds to change the status quo.

    51% of Libs support the death penalty but only 30% want the death penalty reinstated

  6. Nice catch Wilson. I just finished writing my next scheduled post on Dippers supporting the death penalty in certain cases.

    And I'm sure that Diane Ablonczy is perfectly happy where she is given her recent PROMOTION to foreign affairs.

  7. To anon@7:33 - enough with the 'rape' of the income trusts. The Conservatives had to move, and move fast, because an increasing number of companies were going that route. Rumour had it that Telus and Shell Canada were among the biggies seriously considering that route. Given Shell Canada's major shareholder was not resident in Canada, that would have meant a major outflow of untaxed money from Canada.

  8. Without a doubt, I hope Gary Mar will be the new Premier. If anyone requires up to date info on the upcoming election, please visit my site Who Will Be Alberta's Next Premier?.

    Thank you!