Saturday, January 8, 2011

Longest Serving Minority Government

As we prepare for the 2011 sitting of Canadian Parliament, it should be noted that our current Tory government is now the longest serving minority government in Canadian history. Detractors might say that this is not a positive reflection on Stephen Harper, who fell inches short of a majority government in 2008, but I think it shows just how effective our 22nd Prime Minister has been. Having navigated the shallow shoals of generally volatile minority government amid a turbulent economic downturn just shows the remarkable survival skill of our current leader. He's no Joe Clark, that's for sure.

Does this make Harper the most effective PM in recent history? He has to be close. There is a reason that minority governments are historically short lived in Canada, as our government was designed to be most effective in majority mandates.


  1. It is certainly an indication of our PM's leadership skills. He has kept his party in line and on task, as well as keeping the opposition in disarray.

    Imagine what he could do with a majority!

  2. I think PM Harper has done an amazing job for Canadians, best PM in my lifetime I'm 62.
    Cheeers Bubba

  3. Just ahead of you at 69 years Anonymous and your right on.The best and smartest PM in my lifetime.There is no BS,just the facts and plain honest hard work.Not only is he the best,but he is man who spends time with his family and is respected around the world.Canada is envied around the world for having PM Harper as it,s leader.He is a friend to many of them,and his word is taken literally as gospel by most,because there is just no BS,just straight honest conversations of advice or opinions.We are certainly lucky that such a man came along to guide this nation back onto the world stage,as a country that is respected again and in a position to give advice to other countries and offer help when needed.I would elevate him to best of all time,but i really don't know much about the early years of Sir John A,but i would say if he isn't the best he is tied for the TOP in my books.

  4. Echo that view Bertie, @ 68.

    Michael St.Paul's

  5. The opposition parties seem flummoxed by their own inability to defeat "this guy".

    Yes, smartest and best PM in my lifetime too!