Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Tories see tour as proof Ignatieff will force ‘needless’ election"

That is an interesting headline from Liberal activist Jane Taber, who "sets the agenda" at the Globe and Mail. What her article fails to mention is that Iggy has actually said it is time for an election and he intends to try and force one. You can't rightfully hammer the Tories to responding to what Ignatieff has been saying, rhetoric which includes election mongering. Iggy said it is time for an election before embarking on his campaign style tour. The fact that he's on yet another tour is not itself proof of a pending election, but rather the clue is the Liberals saying it is time for an election. He stopped short of saying "Mr Harper your time is up", likely because it failed so miserably last time he did so.

One of Jane's passion projects is trying to refute any possibility of a coalition government of losers with the NDP and Liberals.


  1. The Liberals can't force an election, unless the Bloc and NDP are will to pull the trigger as well. So blaming, a possible, hypothetical election which might occur on the Iggiot/Liberals isn't really correct,... but then again, this is pre-election posturing ain't it? ;)

  2. Why do you write like a politcal noob? If one party gets a significant lead over the other then that party will want to capitalize with an election. There will be lots of games over whos fault the election is. But don't be so silly as to think that Harper would not find a way to have an election if he had 40%+ of popular support.