Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Palin Controversy

While I think Sarah Palin's so called hit list was in bad taste, the people blaming her for the Arizona shooting are out to lunch. I listened to Monday's Charles Adler show and strongly recommend people tune in for the conversation about Sarah Palin. Some of the commentary coming out of the United States is downright nutty. Again I thought that it was in bad taste, but I certainly don't think she deserves any blame for the incident. I would also recommend David Frum's piece in the National Post.


  1. Yo, Iceman. JP here. Have you on my blogroll--why don't you do the same so you can see a conservative take from south of the border? I have a blog on this subject from yesterday.


  2. David Frums, analysis is the same as the Washington lame stream media,spin's liberal garbage with twisted words.

  3. I like David Frum. He's not a knee-jerk partisan, but actually tries to think through the issues for himself. For that reason, he's interesting and worth listening to.

    Thus also guaranteeing that he's despised by many on both sides of the aisle, of course, but it seeems to be a price he's willing to pay.