Monday, January 3, 2011

Should Julian Fantino Be Appointed To Cabinet?

Today's poll question; should Julian Fantino be immediately appointed to cabinet? While I supported him in his run against Liberal Tony Genko, I don't think that he should be immediately appointed to cabinet. He is now a rookie MP and I think that he should accrue some parliamentary experience before being handed a Ministry. Granted it is also possible that he was promised a cabinet post in the event of a byelection victory, as many in the media have implied or suggested. If that was indeed the case, the Prime Minister might not have much choice in the matter.

He could very well make a great cabinet minister, but I think there is some tremendous talent in the Tory caucus that is outside the cabinet room with more time served who are more deserving of a promotion.


  1. Why else do you think he was brought on as a CPC Candidate/MP?

  2. Too early for speculation.

    Fantino may be a one term as junior minister. It must have take a big carrot to bring him be a punching bag. Is the hospital in York region closer with him?

    I see this as part of sweeping (905)North, 905 West and a few 416.
    If you Google the 2000 Ontario map vs 2008 the change is significant. This last push requires local high profile names.

    If NDP and CPC do a good job with GOTV we may be able to squeeze out the Liberals in many close seats. I expect the NDP to lose several seats to the CPC.

    Julian was born in 1942. When the CPC get their majority and he serves 4 years do you believe he will seek another election?

  3. I agree with Paul, I think a cabinet position is the reason that Fantino's name was even put on the ballot in Vaughn.

  4. Unfortunately I think you're correct but his handling of Caledonia should preclude him from any such post

  5. If they're going to give him a Cabinet position,why not Justice?

    The man IS,after all,a lifetime cop, and he's well aware of the shortcomings of the Justice system.

    Or,better yet,Indian Affairs. I seem to remember he had an affair with some Indians once upon a time.


  6. FANTION right on in restyling the uniforms to asimulate italys police force.