Sunday, January 2, 2011

The United Arab Emirates

I would like to publicly state that the United Arab Emirates can kiss my ass! They wanted more landing rights on Canadian runways, which they were not getting. First they thought that kicking us out of camp Mirage would secure them a better deal, but thankfully the government did not bend. Then they thought that campaigning against us for the UN Security Council might get more flights at Pearson, but it didn't work. Now they are jacking up Canadian visa fees, and I ask my government not to give in to that extortion. Somehow I think that we will get along just fine without a strategic partnership with this tiny little Arab country.

If they want to play hardball, then screw them.


  1. And those are only the things that they’re doing out in the open.

    What they really want, is to get their toe in the door and slowly kill off the Canadian airline business. It’s impossible for the Canadian airlines to compete with them when they’re getting free jet fuel. Then they’ll “buy-off” the Toronto Liberals and the Toronto media

    You have to wonder if the Toronto Party of Liberal Crooks is hatching a plot to defend them in the House of Commons. Of course it would be done in conjunction with the Toronto Party of Media Liars.

    These traitors would gladly offer up the Canadian airline business for a hand full of gold.

    And that’s just for starters because once you’ve been bought-off, you’re a slave forever.

  2. I'm with you on this one Iceman! I wonder how much UAE oil eastern Canada buys? Maybe it's time eastern Canada and Liberals stopped supporting terrorist nations and started supporting Canada.

  3. Hunter and Blame Crash, without a doubt in mind the liberals and their media are slaves already. They (liberals) proved it when they were warned by the Canadian Arab Federation to vote against the 'ANTI-TERRORIST ACT BILL'
    which they did but they were not alone the NDP and the Bloc also voted against Anti-terrorist act bill.
    The Conservative party were the only party to vote for our safety.

    The Libs are also slaves to the NDP and BLOC

  4. If they want to play that way, then lets ban all of their flights into Canada and cut diplomatic ties. They are almost bankrupt anyway.