Tuesday, February 1, 2011

55% Prefer Tory Minority Over Coalition

A new poll out shows that 55% of Canadians would prefer a Tory minority government over a left wing coalition. What's interesting about this math is that the Tories are consistently polling around 35% support, meaning that nearly 1/3 of non-Tory supporters would prefer a Tory government to a left wing coalition. This is bad news for Ignatieff and Layton, and re-affirms why the Conservatives continue to discuss the possibility. Look, I think that the Liberals would prefer to form government without a little help from their friends, I just expect them to repeat December 2008 if the next election produces another Tory minority (which currently sits as the most probable outcome). I don't expect Ignatieff would be the man to lead that coalition. I rather think it would be Brutus.

Is it now in bad taste to say "beware the ides of March"? Too soon?


  1. Even though the Bloc isn't part of the question,
    the concern about the Bloc is in Canadians answer,
    the 2008 coalition of losers will forever be burned into our minds.

    The PQ has decided they 'won't wait any longer for winning conditions' in Quebec,
    referendum on the PQ agenda when they win next provincial election.
    Marios will lead the charge,
    too bad for Duceppe eh.

    Ducey must now run his next federal campaign on a single Quebec demand, separation,
    if he doesn't the seppies will not campaign for him.

  2. If the Bloc was included in the question it would drive the numbers lower.

    The coalition supporter added up their 2008 results and claimed all 62% support their leaders decision. Clearly they did not. Many more Canadians wanted an election and CPC support shot up to 46% in December 2008.