Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Price Is Right In Montreal

Well done Carey Price, after getting booed by Montreal fans in the first period of the first home exhibition game; Carey carried the Habs throughout the season and into the playoffs with a shutout in the 1st game against Boston. At the time I blogged that "The Price Is Not Right In Montreal", and this post is a follow-up. Just remember Habs fans who now praise Price, it was not long ago that you irrationally blamed your goalie of the future for the Jaroslav Halak trade. Now we are in the playoffs, and I have not yet heard anyone longing for Halak's return to Montreal.

Jack Layton was in Montreal on the day of game 1, and Tweeted that he was going to a pub to watch the game. Just a warning to any patrons who find themselves near Jack Layton during one of these games, do not get between him and any cameras in the room. You risk personal harm to yourself. As we saw during the Olympic hockey, lucky Jack will dive in front of people to get his mug into the camera shot.

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  1. I've been a Montreal Canadiens fan since the days Rocket Richard played right wing for them,and I have rarely seen a team so badly outplayed for long stretches,as Mtl was,and still win the game.

    Price should get the Nobel Prize for goaltending after that performance.

    I can't see Montreal winning this series if they get outplayed that badly in every game,Price has to wear down eventually.

    Damned shame that Josh Gorges is out for the year.


  2. well it lasted not long for your ass Price... not only does the Canadiens wont make to the play off you have to put the news papter upside down to see them first position... ha ha ha ha... Price ass... is wrong