Thursday, April 7, 2011

Liberals Soft On Sex Offenders

After a strong first week on the campaign trail, suddenly we are finding out that the Ignatieff Liberals have surrounded themselves with candidates who have morally flawed personal opinions. The latest is an Alberta Liberal who does not believe in mandatory minimum sentences for sexual offenders, and that some sexual offenses deserve no prison time at all. According to this Liberal, getting into bed with a girl without her consent and fondling her genitals should not carry with it any prison term. Iggy says we can reduce crime by sending offenders to University instead of jail, exciting news I'm sure for parents of young girls leaving home to get an education. Expanding our prison capacity and getting tough on crime is supposedly irresponsible. Instead the answer is sending everyone to University. Because nobody with a University degree has ever committed a crime.

Do you want to show sexual offenders more compassion? Vote Liberal. Do you want to put sexual offenders in prison? Vote Conservative. The Liberal Party of Canada, soft on sexual assault. I'm sure that will help them with female voters. Oh, and the Liberal candidate who made these comments is being allowed to stay on the ballot. Team Ignatieff, showing compassion to perverts, drunk drivers, and racists.


  1. I wonder. Does the Honorable Judge Reilly, after giving a slap on the wrist to the socially inept young men, tell the victims to just get over it, it wasn't really that serious.

  2. Sexual offenders, especially the ones who victimize kids, ought to be executed.

  3. Did you here what Professor Tom Flanagan had to say our are your ears still glued shut.

  4. I'm just waiting for a reporter to ask Iggy, "Mr. Ignatieff, do you hate women? If so, why? Please answer in both languages."

    Where are all the Liberal female MPs? I know they would be screeching from the rooftops if this was a Conservative. What a bunch of hypocrites!