Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red River Threatens Election In Manitoba

The Red River is rising, and depending on how fast and furious the flooding is, it could massively complicate voting on election day. This flooding has been widely expected for months, so perhaps the Liberals and NDP should have considered the people of Manitoba before forcing an early spring election. Hopefully our federal government has enough power in the writ period to adequately respond to such an emergency, and may the people of Manitoba be safe. With any luck the winner of the federal election in Manitoba will not be decided by which party has the most canoes.

Be well Winnipeg.


  1. Same thing happened here in 1997 (the Flood of the Century). People actually requested the election be postponed, but to no avail. Chretien campaigned here and went to help sandbag. After holding a sandbag for a photo op, he handed it to somebody else and left. This flood may help remind my fellow 'Peggers of the true nature of Liberals.


  2. Winnipeg will be fine. It's the area south and north that will probably have a difficult time getting out to vote. And Morris (where I live) is exactly halfway between the US border and Winnipeg, right beside the Red.
    While I am not at all worried about the flooding part (since we have a ring dike around town and haven't lost a home to flooding in 61 years), it's the inconvenience of losing direct road access to Wpg or the US that is going to be the problem. Fun times are ahead! At least we can see this coming, unlike an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane...!

  3. May 2 is also - lest we forget - the last day of tax season; i.e., the last day to file your taxes in Canada before penalties kick in (if you owe).