Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your Opinion Of Ignatieff?

Today's poll question; how has your opinion of Ignatieff changed since the beginning of the election, is it more or less favourable, or unchanged? Clearly he is becoming more angry on the campaign trail, and despite all these false and premature controversies, poll numbers aren't changing. He does not seem to be winning over many fans, especially among the right of center. Thus far it appears the only people the Liberals are wooing is the soft NDP vote. The timing of these alleged controversies is very convenient, like the Liberals are deliberately trying to re-create the effect of Goodale being investigated by the RCMP during the 2006 campaign. Those were the comparisons in the press gallery yesterday. They really want it to be so.


  1. Without his extensive media support Ignatieff would be a zero: that has not changed during the election campaign, only intensified.

  2. I voted unchanged since my opinion of him to begin with was in sub-basment level 4.

  3. He has been a big let down ever since leaving the US to try to become the next PM. His rhetoric and talking points made for television don't work. I don't buy his sincerity.
    Trudeau would have never pandered to pretend he was in the working, living paycheck with a poor immigrant family to steal votes from the socialists.
    His handlers held his leash too tight.

  4. Whoever planned this campaign, starting with the contempt of parliament, defeating the budget without reading it, campaign stops, phoney issues, mega millions in platforms are in for a rude awakening on May 2nd. Too bad they didn't get out and talk to real people in the real world to learn that the media no longer controls the message. Maybe they shouldn't have tried all those faux scandals for 5 yrs, maybe they shouldn't have been such bullies in committees. Most of all they should have accepted they lost in 2006 and 2008 and used the time to rebuild instead planned to overthrow the govt.
    I hope the new Speaker will follow the rules and get some decorum back during QP.
    It will probably be a conservative Speaker so the libs will have to be on their best behaviour. Poor Holland if he gets back in, will have to cool it a lot.

  5. The only thing that I guess I didn't pick up on before is that he has an American accent.

  6. Fiscal Conservative, Social LiberalApril 12, 2011 at 1:53 PM


    The media no longer controls the message! You are correct, we now have the internet.

    Thanks to Harper's new internet surveillance proposal, our actions on the internet will be watched, and recorded. When the next Liberal government comes into power (or perhaps some other government 50 years from now who disagrees with your views) and they read all the logged postings on this blog, they now have the option of tracking you down and having you and your family disappear! Wonderful!

    Or perhaps Steven Harper already thought of this and I should pack my bags. Either way, he's royally sodomizing our privacy rights! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm.

  7. The media has given iggy a boxing glove with a golden horseshoe in it.It should be interesting to see if he lives up to the National press gallery expectations.

    I see the pinko commenters are continuing to threaten old ladies( Mary T). Shameful.

  8. Mary T put it best
    "Too bad they didn't get out and talk to real people in the real world"

    When a good chunk of the population says we do not want an election they should have listened.

    Why is the MSM still dragging up the whole first draft thing and giving very little coverage of the second draft

    why is the msm not reporting on Iggy's flip flop on if he voted outside the country
    for me whether he did or didn't is inconsequential...it's why be deceitful about it?
    If he can't even answer this question...which he has documented in his books, why should Canadians trust him?

  9. Fiscal Conservative, Social LiberalApril 12, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    My latest post was deleted and contained no objectionable content. I was looking for some intelligent debate but this blog is evidently for liberal bashing only. I hope you are all happy with having your minds closed to new ideas.


  10. "I looking for some intelligent debate"
    I guess thats why you weren't on a Liberal blog.
    We are all happy because we have the smartest and best leader in 60 years.
    You have Iggy, life really does suck sometimes.
    Maybe you can beg Dion to come back.
    After all y'all got your Green Shift back.

  11. FCSL,
    your tinfoil hat's on too tight. And it looks like you've been drinking that damned Lefty Koolaid again.


  12. Incidentally, FCSL, I'd love to hear some NEW ideas from Your Annointed One, but, gee-shucks, he just hasn't got any. So, from the Iggy camp comes "vote Liberal. We'll tell ya what we'll do later. That's our platform. Don't like it? Ya must be a bigot...or racist... or something. Oh ya, we'll hike the hell out of your taxes and steal more of your money. We'll tell ya what a great job we're doin while we're at it."
    Liberals....they're always willing to find someone else to give your money to.

  13. Yeah, I think he is a bigger @$$hole that I originally thought he was.