Friday, April 15, 2011


Another controversy comes and goes before it ever really started. A misguided Tory campaign volunteer sent out an e-mail encouraging people to wear ethnic costumes at the day's political rally. This created a furor in a short period of time, including a Facebook movement to protest the rally. It was hyped all day in the media. By the time the even was underway, a whole 20 people had showed up to protest. There were more journalists than protesters. This was a bigger deal in the media bubble than it was to Canadians, as the comment was more bizarre than offensive. Ignatieff was on TV shortly after this became a story accusing the Prime Minister of ordering the "ethnic costume" order personally. Classy.

This controversy fizzled out before I even got a chance to write about it.


  1. OK forigve me here but I really don't understand what is so wrong with what went on here. Why is it wrong to ask supporters to wear ethnic costumes to a rally / photo op?

    I saw some of the photos from the "protest" and some of the signs said "not ethnic props" or something like that. So say the outrage is over being used as props. Ok why no outrage at politicians of all stripes showing up in garb to various cultural events for the sole purpose of photo ops? We all know what the purpose of showing up to those events is. Every party does this too. So where is the problem here? I don't get it.

  2. Iceman, you are so right to mock these contemptible controversies. How juvenile, how adolescent, how unbecoming of a party that claims to take its responsibilities seriously.

  3. Ignition-off is such a joke! He is just sooo all over this latest "controversy". He must have been sitting in front of the TV in the "Bat-cave".
    Isn't he the one that was complaining about "the nasal whine of ethnic music and phony Cossack's".
    Of course the Prime Minister is personaly responsible, I hope the guy that dunks the weenies at the Parlimentary Cafeteria steam table dosen't leave em' in too long, they get all wrinkly Peter Mandsbridge will do a "special" "Breaking" news feature with Count Spoutin'-off as "Guest" The horror, the horror.
    I guess when you are tanking, the desperation makes you frantic.
    Cheers Bubba

  4. This reminds me of Rob Ford's mayoral campaign when the left was spewing their self-righteous outrage over a comment he made saying that "oriental people work like dogs." It was not regarded as offensive at all in the Asian community since they DO work like dogs and, frankly, dogs are highly revered in their culture for their hard work and loyalty. It was a high compliment of sorts that sounded like a blatantly racist remark to Ford's opponents. We are seeing the start of the "kitchen sink" campaign that will only make Liberals particularly look desperate and bully like. It didn't work for Hillary Clinton. It didn't work for George Smitherman. It will not work for Michael Ignatieff.

  5. We can only hope and pray that the outcome is also like Rob Ford's and I am sure that is what the news media are so worried about. I will be watching Sun News come Monday.

  6. With regards to the question "So where is the problem here?" The short answer it that there is not problem. Iggy and his gang are so bereft of ideas that all they can do is natter about inane things.

    Strange how a PhD (Piled higher and deeper) can act like he is in JK

    Rob West Ottawa

  7. Right now, it comes down to the ground game and, as Ford proved, when you've got that in your favour, you've got a big win.

  8. Please keep this in mind if you have a Shaw Direct Satellite. Starting Monday:

    Attention Shaw Direct subscribers: Sun News Network will be on channel 517 (Classic) and channel 149 (Advanced).

  9. Count Draculla said it was a Conservitive "CANDIDATE"that sent out the email. The count is a slimy lying SOB and anything goes. The guy is a dumb ass loser and will do and say whatever he thinks he needs to to take power. He is a dispicable, pathetic, poor excuse for a human being I have ever seen or heard in an electian campaign.The media rate right up there with him as desperate and disgustingly pathetic liars.
    A reporter in Sudbury said iggy wouldn't let a line full of people into college Boriel because they didn't have his views. Where are the facebook media??????????????????????????????