Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Should Stephen Harper Attend Royal Wedding?

Prince William and his lovely bride to be will be married the weekend before the Canadian election. Today's poll question; do you think the PM should honour his invitation? If he does go, he will be relentlessly attacked by his opponents for leaving the country in a campaign, whereas staying in Canada has no risk. It is unfortunate that the Liberals and NDP forced this election before the royal wedding, because it would have been a very memorable international event to have our leader attending. As it stands, the smart move is to decline the invitation, which Harper has said he's going to do. Can he send his invitations to the Obamas?


  1. He should go. The Liberals attacked him for not fulfilling his duties as Prime Minister during the Libya crisis. He should attend the Royal Wedding to show who's the real Prime Minister.

  2. I don't think Harper needs to go.
    Harper accepted the invitation as Prime Minister of Canada and that was an honour being invited.
    With the call of the election Harper is working hard for Canada and all Canadians and we should not expect him to attend under these circumstances
    It was another opportunity for Canada to shine but alas it will not be

  3. Idon't think he should go, but I do think that Laureen should go with daughter Rachel.

  4. I see no problem in him and his wife attending, for no matter what he does or does not do he will be criticised and attacked by the opposition parties and their cheer leaders, the MSM.

  5. The polls generally say 'yes', particularly those asking the younger generation. Could they fly out Thursday afternoon, change at the embassy Friday am, attend the wedding, and jet back immediately? Wouldn't be the best schedule, but they would be there.

  6. IIRC Mr Harper sent his "regrets" on the weekend, So this debate is mute.

    Personally, I wish he'd attended.

    Michael St.Paul's

  7. His wife should go.

  8. Whether the media like it or not, he's still Prime Minister until the middle of May. Going to the Royal Wedding would be a Prime Ministerial thing to do, and may give a better impression to the electorate than any door knocking on the last weekend ever could. Having said this, it would have been appropriate to send the Governor General to the weeding in his place.

  9. Harper can't afford to leave during this increasingly close race.

    The "Royal" wedding is about as important as the latest trial of Lindsay Lohan.

    I can see the headlines,"Harper Deserts Canada for Royal Soire", or "Nation Suffers While Harper Parties".

    The MSM will make it seem like he's the worst traitor since Benedict Arnold,and the Count will sweep into the House on the wings of victory!

    (Sorry,I've been watching too many soap operas lately)


  10. It was already announced that the PM would not go and that the GG and his wife are going instead. Technically, until the Conservatives win the most seats on May 2nd and he wins his own seat, Harper is the "outgoing" PM. He is PM in name only for emergency purposes at the moment.

    Similarly, MPs are no longer MPs either, just CPC candidates. I found it tough when I worked for an Ontario MPP, but as soon as the writ is dropped, they are no longer in the government. We were still employees of the public service until two weeks after election day unless our employer was re-elected -- he wasn't because of the riding distribution due to the Harris Fewer Politicians Act.

    In essence then, the public servants and Senate are running things now. Moreover, the Speaker has taken his marbles and gone home.

    So, it would not be appropriate for an outgoing PM to represent the country during an election campaign, no matter who it is.

    Mr. Harper will have to give a new oath to the GG if he continues to be PM -- which, of course, I hope will be the case.

  11. Sandy, the exact powers of the Prime Minister during an election are a protected government secret. We aren't allowed to know what he can or can't do. That's the law. I learned that on the CBC.

    He is still the Prime Minister until he's not.

  12. I am disappointed to hear that Mr. Harper is not going, I was hoping he and his wife would. Royal Weddings are not an everyday occurrence, especially when it involves our future King and Queen. Politics pall in comparison to the Monarchy, so I would have gone and let the opposition and media howl as much as they please. Ah well.