Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ignatieff Should Avoid Public Places

For the last week of the campaign, the leader of the Liberal Party would be advised to avoid public places where large numbers of people gather. After getting his ugly mug flashed up on the jumbotron in front of thousands at a Mississauga hockey game, the building erupted with booing. The optics of such an event are horrific for a political campaign, fortunately for them it was treated as a secondary story by their friends in the media on Easter weekend. The story is not anywhere to be found on the Globe and Mail Election page, who are instead leading with "Embattled Ignatieff offers passionate defence of Liberal vision". Really Globe? You don't think thousands of people in the GTA booing Ignatieff a week before the election deserves a headline on your election page? Seriously? Are you kidding me?

I'm waiting for people like Jane Taber, Gloria Galloway, Susan Delacourt, Joan Bryden, Terry Milewski, Roger Smith, et all to finally call a spade a spade. This campaign has been an unmitigated disaster for the Liberals. You could say that the entire Ignatieff reign has been a disaster for the once mighty Liberal Party of Canada.


  1. Don't hold your breath waiting for that crew to admit they bet on the wrong horse (actually a horse could have run better than Iggy).
    I'm praying that the conservatives land a majority and all these whiners can go sniveling back in their holes and for another 4 years.

  2. And when I checked my conspiracy theory links, I found that they were all connected to a UN attempt to put a "One Worlder" into the Canadian political system. Apparently his intentions were discovered by the Ice and Puck "One Worlder" detection screen.

    Note: One Worlders generate loud and sustained Booing sounds to emanate without conscious effort from those in attendance.

  3. Other things that should be covered but are not:

    Who are these people?

    An American creation of and Res Publica working to influence a Canadian election should be raising qute a few more headlines than who is being booed at what rally.

  4. Still waiting for anyone to ask Ignatieff if he will get rid of income splitting for seniors, or at best put a cap on it.

  5. Two in the media among the worst of the sleazebags that you forgot to mention are Oliver and Fife. I remember Peter Oliver when he was following Mulroney in Etobicoke Ontario to support Michael Wilson's Campaign. I heard the speech and later outside I heard Olivers report to his network. The report had no relation to the speech or the open reception of the people attending.
    He didn't even mention the wrestling match between Toronto police and a heckler who was attacking the podium for the simple reason that he was outside preparing his biased opnion.

    Michael Wilson won and went on to be one of the most respected finance ministers and also after politics became our ambassador to the US.

    Fife cleary named all Conservatives as knuckledraggers especially in one memorable discourse when he was actually reporting that opinion and it was broadcast. He probably thinks that ALL Muslims are terrorists. Any rational person knows that all Muslims are not terrorists and all Conservatives are not knuckledraggers. He said what he said and he is what he is, and the CTV is what it is. I cannot leave this thread without stating that the past Vice President Ivan Fecan of CTV annually took a leave of absense to run the Liberal campaign. The BNN VP also does it nowadays. I'll leave you to your own conclusion of what I think of CTV and it's impartiality. To actually think that they and CBC opposed SUN TV is the hieght of obfuscation.

  6. Bye The Bye ---CTV owns BNN too.----I respect those who work at BNN who cannot express their political opinions openly if they wish to keep their jobs.

  7. The Liberals should avoid removing other parties pamphlets from their mailboxes! Joe Volpe sinks to a new low:

  8. Iggy says he would have booed too if he had been in the stands. If you knew that, then why would you do that to your campaign? What a goof!
    Also, it appears that the LPC isn't letting Iggy out unsupervised anymore. Yesterday it looked like little Bobby Rae was stuck to Iggy like shit to a blanket and later this week Cretien is coming over to babysit.
    Memo to Iggy: The knives are being sharpened, keep an eye out for young Trudeau and your pal Bobby sometime after next Tuesday!