Friday, April 22, 2011

Polls Open Friday

Just a heads up to everyone that advance polls open today, so you can start voting without filling out a special ballot application. If you expect to be busy on May 2nd, you should get out to the polls this weekend. Encourage your friends and family to participate in democracy, and if they need to know where to go, just go to and enter your postal code into the form at the bottom of the screen. It will direct you to your nearest poll center. Advance polls are open Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Everybody vote!


  1. TangoJuliette sez:

    Advance Polls have been open since the weekend the writ was dropped - by law, I was told. Which truly brings into question the whole B.S. at U of Guelph.




  2. Every now and then there is talk about lowering the voting age. After the antics of university students this election I vote that the voting age be raised to 25.
    Hope they have lots of scrutineers out at Linda Duncan's polls, considering they have found 500 phony adresses on the voters list. Remember, that is how landslide annie won in Redmonton.
    Mary T

  3. maybe you should be a taxpayer before you get to vote.

  4. Already voted as I am working as a poll clerk on May 2. when I voted my number was in the low 700's so I suspect there will be a good turnout this time. Over 800 people showed up in Saan-Gulf Isl to see the pile-on with Lizzy Maybe and the other lefties vs Gary Lunn and the dreaded Canucks!!

  5. Funny how no Christians are complaining that their rights are being violated because the polls are open on a sacred day. If the polls were open on Ramadaan, you bet the Mussies would be out there hollering and making a scene.