Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet The NDP

If we are to believe the polls and the NDP are about to double their seat count, we should be introduced to many new and fun Parliamentarians. If Dippers are going to start winning ridings they never expected to win, then we will be meeting some kookie candidates that they never expected to send to Ottawa. Be they former communists, vacationing bartenders, or plain and simple enviro activists, these are not the kind of people you want forming cabinet. But they are coming. It is all fine and dandy to protest the ineptitude of the Liberals, but be careful what you vote for. The biggest reason that I oppose a coalition is because it gives the far left NDP dangerous levels of power, but the thought of prime minister Jack Layton is far worse than Jack Layton finance minister...unpalatable as both might be.

The protest vote can be sexy, but proceed with caution.


  1. If it wasn't so serious and important to Canada moving forward - I would relish the election of "unknown" candidates representing the NDP. The fun would be in Jack trying to herd these eccentric cats. lol

  2. Latest poll reads NDP 98 seats,from the current 36.

    If Layton DOES get than many seats,he'll be the biggest socialist hero since Lenin.

    Jack and Olivia were city councilors in Toronto. They made roughly 100 thousand a year, but still lived in subsidized housing,until a Reporter discovered it and they quickly moved out.

    I think that deed says more about Jack "the entitled" Layton and the Missus than anything either may say.

    If the NDP does form government,look for a huge raft of "outsiders" demanding their share of the pie now that they're "insiders". The ranks of government employees will have to increase so the NDP can pay off their Party faithful.

    I look to Monday with great trepidation.