Thursday, April 7, 2011

Liberal-NDP Not Always Friendly

While we cannot disqualify the possibility of a left wing coalition forming in the event this election produces another Tory minority, the relationship between the Liberals and NDP is not always sunshine and lollipops. The Dippers exposed the Liberal white supremacist candidate in rural Quebec on Wednesday, just as Iggy happened to be in rural Quebec. This story derailed his day and a lot of his momentum. There are 10-20 ridings where the Lib-Dips are closely competing head to head, such as Outremont. I'm cheering for the Liberal candidate Martin Cauchon over Mulcair. Iggy almost split his Quebec caucus in two by appointing a hand picked candidate in the riding instead of the former Liberal Minister.

Mulcair is vile. I've had enough of him. I don't often cheer for Liberals, but in this case, I'll make an exception. By contrast, I'd like to see Peggy Nash take out Gerard Kennedy.


  1. They could install him somewhere else. This is what they would do if Iggy lost his own seat. How funny would it be if Iggy couldn't win his party leadership, couldn't win the election and couldn't win his own seat? Its hilarious.

  2. If Jack Layton plans on holding on to his gains from 08, He had better start going after the LPC and Iggy, because they are mowing his lawn right now. Jack's goal should be in this election the keys to Stonoway.

  3. The debate will tell the story, if it is 3 against one, with no attacks on coalition partners by their partners we will have positive proof the fix is in. We were just unprepared last debate, but thinks back it was obvious. Where is the rest of that tape with Layton. And what deals have Duceppe/Layton got cooked up to take over stornaway. I think Layton could have won opposition leader but he ego got in the way and he went for PM. How stupid was that.

  4. Alex, what I suspect would happen is ol' Iggiot would stand up and say something along the lines of "Canadians are stupid, they didn't vote for me". Then he'd PUFO back to Harvard with a nice fat Canadian pension.

  5. He is not elgible for an mp pension for another year or so, and 5 yrs of paying into the cpp will not get him much.

  6. ". Then he'd PUFO back to Harvard with a nice fat Canadian pension.

    I think his pension doesn't kick in till January. So assuming he wins his seat,(A Big If), he still needs to hang around till January either as leader or backbench M.P. in order to qualify for his pension.