Saturday, April 16, 2011

Layton Spins Vacationing Candidate With Fixed Election Date Debate

Look, people running for elected office can't possibly be expected to cancel or reschedule their vacations in the event that an election is called; at least that's what Jack Layton is saying. The NDP candidate in Ajax-Pickering was tanning on a Caribbean beach instead of contesting Mark Holland's bid for re-election, and Jack is trying to spin this into a debate on the need for fixed elections dates. Clever spin, but still lacking. This guy wants to run for parliament but can't reschedule a vacation to make it happen?

News flash Jack, this is not 2008 when Stephen Harper called an early election; this is 2011 when the opposition forced an early election. Jack, you voted down the government! You teamed up with the Liberals and the Bloc to force an early election. If you want to be pious about fixed election dates, you should have waited until year 4 to vote down the government. This is a cheap way of validating why one of your would-be MPs is vacationing instead of campaigning.


  1. geez, no surprise.

    Still can't top my favourite Layton spin: explaining why he and Olivia were living in subsidized housing in Toronto while both pulling in gov't cheques in his Toronto council days. I think he spun it as they needed all level of income earners in gov't subsidized housing for balance.
    Even if it meant poor living on the streets.
    What a trooper Jack!

  2. I'm looking forward to Sun news getting on this story like a bunch of pitbulls on a poodle. Only 48 hours people!

  3. And Layton was pointing his finger in Ignatieffs eye about not showing up for votes in the HOC. What a bunch of hypocrites. So its more important for Jacks NDP candidate to tan on a beach then work to get a job in the HOC.And Jack and Olivia are the $1.5 MILLION dollar couple and got together with the opposition parties for a $300 dollar election to get into POWER.Then they talk about spending by the Govt? Hope Canadians reduce these opportunists seat counts.

  4. This is Jacks way of showing that he too can be as corrupt as any of his fellow Libtard Coalitionistas and that he does deserve to be Deputy Prime Minister.

    Yup, he’s thinks he’s moving up in the world by getting down in the gutter. Such is the state of their backwards logic.