Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Night In Vancouver

The Chicago Blackhawks have accomplished the improbable and pushed their playoff series to a 7th and deciding game after going down 3 games to 0. The city of Vancouver is in a very uncomfortable place ahead of Tuesday's game 7 at home. Monday sports talk was very pessimistic with some fans calling the radio shows declaring the season over. One of the most heated topics of conversation was would any team take Luongo's contract. At first you'd think that a week before the election all the politicians should want to be in Vancouver for this event as BC is a battleground province. However, I know where I'll be on Tuesday night and it will not be anywhere near downtown. No doubt riot police will be on standby.

Vancouver played a great game on Sunday, but the referees were just about as lopsided as I have ever seen in a playoff game. David Bolland alone should have had 3 penalties. Vigneault is terrible with line match-ups. You can't have your best players always hurrying off the ice whenever the Hawks put out their 3rd line. You don't win hockey games that way.

If any team would be willing to take Luongo's contract, I'd do almost any deal in a heart beat. The future is Cory Schneider (who needs to start practicing handling the puck far more often).


  1. Have faith...Vancouver will win. That darn Iggy had to go and put on a Vancouver sweater...they lost the game last time he did that too. He's a bad omen.

  2. Yahooooo....told you so

  3. Congrats Iceman! Now back to your mostly political blogging, because you can relax at least for the next 4 games... :p