Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ujjal Getting Desperate

The degree to which the Liberal Party has been desperately grasping for anything they can spin into a controversy has become ludicrous. This strategy has been in use for a few years now, but the Libs are cranking up the insanity dial as we head into the last week of the campaign and they have been overtaken by the NDP. The "big story" of the day is that a controversial person attended a speech by the Conservative candidate running against Ujjal. That's it.

Wei Young was invited by the principal of a Sikh school to give a speech at parents night and this guy showed up. When I got off work tonight I turned on my car radio to hear Ujjal Dosangh accusing his opponent of campaigning with a terrorist. I suppose we need to start taking IDs at the door and doing background checks of anyone who attends any campaign event. Any individual who has ever been charged with a crime, whether pardoned or acquitted should be barred from entry. That's the moral of the story.

Ujjal beat Wei by 20 votes in the last election.

What's funnier is that a "CBC reporter" tried to "grill" the Prime Minister but was drowned out by a large cheering crowd. The Globe and Mail even did a story on the CBC reporter, but never said in their article who the reporter was. I bet it was Terry Milewski. The Globe reported "It’s the first time a Conservative crowd has purposely drowned out a reporter"

Let Terry ask his follow-up question dammit!

If you want to see "vintage" Terry, look for the clip of his question for Stephen Harper at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. It is classic. He basically goes on a 5 minute rant where he asks about a dozen different questions. I remember watching it live and getting a good laugh.


  1. It was indeed Terry Milewski, and after two minutes asking three questions in one, which really only succeeded in planting three 'scandals of the day,' I'm amazed that Harper didn't just explode and rip Terry a new one. It was quite remarkable to see Harper maintain his calm.

    He did this to Chretien too, which at least makes him an equal opportunity ***hole, but Harper should have put Milewski in his place, wherever that is...

  2. The media and CBC The National with Mildewski falsley reported the event. They showed the clip AFTER PM Harper answered the question, then they said he had his handlers realease a press statement AFTER saying the candidate didn't know who Malik was. This is ALL the tape

  3. Terry Milewski has always appeared to be a fan of desperate people. I wasn't surprised that the Prime Minister rolled with the dumb questions in his usual cool demeanor. Why give them something when you don't have to.
    What I am looking fwd to is how Terry reacts to Steven Harper getting a majority. Now that, will be worth watching!

  4. I was watching it live on cpac, and the PM did answer the questions. Terry never got to ask another one because the crowd cheered and gave the PM a standing ovation for his answers.
    Funny, the media let slide the story about 3 liberal candidates who have been forced to pay back several thousands of dollars for misusing their expense accounts re rent payments. One of them is upset as he says it is not important to his constituents and they don't need to know.
    Terry wants the PM to fire his bc candidate, but thinks it is ok for iggy to allow a man facing a dui to be a candidate, or for a judge to say rapists don't belong in jail.
    I wonder if fife and terry will last another week before having a nervous breakdown, if they haven't already. If I was the PM I would not take any further questions from either of them, and tell the honchos at cbc/ctv to keep them out.
    Lisa will be in London next week to cover the wedding, but I imagine she will get some digs in that the PM is not there.

  5. I am getting so tired of all the rants by the MSM and even though I don't get SunNews I have been watching it on the internet. I hope we see the Liberal party torn to shreds like the old PC party was after Kim Campbell was defeated. By the time they regroup Prime Minister Harper will have Canada front and center on every count, domestically and world wide!

  6. Poor Trench-coat Terry Melewski wasn't able to throw around his feces on behalf of Dosanjh and the Liberal party. Trench coat Terry is a truly pathetic character, desperate to smear the PM and the Conservatives with any manufactured smear he and his fellow Liberals can conjure. Trench coat Terry is as frustrated and desperate as that douche bag Dosanjh, and their inserted leader Iggo. Don't despair Terry, you've got another week of feces throwing, hysterical temper tantrums, and manufactured, co-ordinated smears to try and change the outcome of the election. Good luck with that, A-Hole!

  7. According to Harper-hater, Maclean's Wherry,
    there are no supplimentary questions.
    Mildew was the only reporter to rudely try to interrupt PMSH before he could answer in French

    '...Said reporters were called by name to present their questions. As per usual, reporters travelling with Mr. Harper were permitted a total of four opportunities at the microphone. No supplementaries are officially permitted.

    Mr. Harper’s answers were dutifully applauded by the studio audience. And when one of these reporters—the CBC’s Terry Milewski—dared to shout a supplementary question...''

  8. ps.
    Mildew had to 'shout out his supplimentary question' because he no longer had a mic,
    it had already been handed to next reporter.

  9. If anyone wanted to see CBC Liberal bias on full display this was it. Milewski was not only disrespectful towards the PM but he was making speech and trying to score political points. He was fortunate it was a polite Conservative rally and it was Harper. If it had been a Liberal meeting with Jean (the Godfather) Chretien, he might have experienced the "Shawinigan handshake".

  10. This is sad. A conservative majority is inches away and all Mr Harper has to do is pretend he gives a shit. I've worked putting up signs and will work on Monday driving for my con candidate, but, watching Stephen Harper take questions from the press is friggin depressing. Answer their questions, show some passion, he looks like he just woke up. Im not as partisan as most of you but, my PM OWES it to me and every other Canadian to stand up and answer questions. Honest to god guys, Stephen Harper looks like he's dead inside, he looks like he'd rather be doing anything else but campaigning. Jack Layton looks like hes having the time of his life meeting and talking to voters and look what hes week to go and all Harper has to do is get down and dirty with the MSM and this thing is over, but, that aint ever going to happen. We talk about Iggys elitism...look at our own friggin guy!!

  11. Anony.. Of course Jack is happy he has absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am sure PMSH would rather be doing something else. How about quietly working Canada through a recession, dealing with tense international situations. You know HIS job as PM.. OHHH wait he can't be doing that because he has to deal with a bullshit election brought on by an opposition (who thought they had nothing to loose and could regain power) and MSM that really don't give a crap about Canada. Maybe he might be a little tired of BS that reporter dump on him every day.

    Rob C

  12. RobC: so, your saying this democratic election thing is messing up Harpers style? His job isnt PM until people say its his job, and a very large part of wanting to be PM is KNOWING your going to have to play and dance for the media, to think otherwise is foolish. The best thing for Canada right now is a Conservative majority so can someone in the big brain war room tell Stephen Harper that? How can you ask voters to be passionate about Canada when you look anything like passionate about your job. Bloggers with ins to the Con war room should be voicing private concerns.

  13. Um Anony....when all you get to see of Harper in this election Campaign is decided by the media, I can understand how you come to your conclusions on his appearance. Think for a minute just how you are getting to see him....then hopefully you understand that what you are "allowed" to see and hear is carefully orchestrated to give you EXACTLY the impression you have.

    BTW - if you took a look at the videos floating around you would see that he is asked more than "4" questions and he answers them all - contrary to what you are being told by our media. So if you really are as supportive as you say, you would understand the battle and understand how the media are playing this game.

    The fact you don't seem too, makes me wonder about your support??

  14. "The "big story" of the day is that a controversial person attended a speech by the Conservative candidate running against Ujjal. That's it."

    I think the story is that the controversial person is the founder of the school hosting the speech and that the Conservative candidate gratefully received his political endorsement at the meeting. I'm not sure that the story is so big but we should at least get the facts right.

  15. Give it a rest Alberta Girl. My day today involves pounding a few Cherly Gallant signs in friends lawns who I've convinced to allow them, so, preach to someone else. This is my Canada too, and, I get to speak. You cant tell me Stephen Harper has performed well in this campaign because he hasnt, if he was at his best we'd be at 45%, its that simple. I understand the media battle which is why its so confusing to declare war on them, the MSM will play a deciding factor in a majority so, constantly pissing them off really seems like a stupid idea.
    Dont believe me? Jack Layton is a socialist, an anti business, anti capitalism spendthrift yet his party is zoooming in polls, and, all he does is smile and look like hes having a great time meeting voters and gets his face on every tv news show and answers questions till there are no more questions. When facing the reality of a situation its not a good idea to complain about it.