Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ignatieff To Slash Deficit???

Ignatieff is going to be releasing the Liberal platform on Sunday, and the headline today was that he plans to slash the deficit. What? All I have been hearing from the Liberals are a slew of new spending projects, so I'd like to see some of the programs he intends to cut if he is indeed going to "slash the deficit". Although his plan to eliminate the deficit completely by 2015 seems eerily similar to the timeline put out by Jim Flaherty in the 2011 budget. He probably used Jim's work as a benchmark.

I'd like to see the whole spending plan Liberal plan costed by someone like Kevin Page. How much would Ignatieff have to raise taxes to pay for all those promises while eliminating the deficit? He has to raise more than just corporate taxes, we will need to increase the GST/HST. Has he ruled that out yet? I don't recall. He could always raid the EI fund or slash transfers to the provinces.


  1. Iggy will freeze corp tax cuts (to 1990's levels).


  2. So far, Iffy has committed to a structural long term debt increase of $4 billion in new social programs.
    So $4 billion in taxes permanently increased.

    There is only one way the last 2 Liberal leaders saw as a way to pay for their promises.... Ignatieff's carbon tax.

    I see he has a cap and trade and clean energy policy coming down the pipe.

    The Oilsands pays for the entire hit, with new 'regulations' (penalties/mandatory purchase of carbon credits) on the Oilsands.

  3. Will also predict that Iffys enviro policies will word for word reflect large sections of Dion's Green Shift proposal.

  4. Do not trust Rick Mercer
    he is only interested in Rick Mercer
    remember his DUDE show with Liberal Garth Turner and referring to Stockwell Day as Doris
    I say NOT to any plan by that deceitful Rick Mercer

  5. We will compared to Iffys enviro plan.

  6. Releasing it into the second week of the campaign sounds like the liberals are blowing their load now and then want to dare Harper to do the same.
    Have they learned nothing?
    Harper doesn't listen to advise freely given by his enemies.
    It will be a sound bite a day from Harper while Iggy and crew try to come up with one-liners for the rest of the campaign.
    Iggy's claim to fiscal responsibility is going to be sorely tested this week when Harper starts reminding voters that Iggy still wants to retain the per vote subsidy.

  7. Evidently there is a cap and trade system in this platform, too. Yep Iggy, that corporate tax money is just gonna be rolling in. I'd be surprised if one damn voter in Ontario looked at this and didn't start rolling their eyes.

  8. In addition to previous:

    McCallum already outed the liberal plan.
    They intend on raising taxes.
    The trick with their plan is the same one they used for the green shift, convice the listener that its somebody else that pays it.
    Just like NHL arena's, tell them the money is there. Or like air craft companies, (those big corporations) that have maxed out their credit, that their request for a loan is a top priority, just don't remind them their taxes would be going up to launder the loan back on the governments books. Talk about how a carbon tax (call it something else this time) will make a kajillion, megamillion dollars, but leave out the part that it will not just be the big bad oil companies but everyone that will be paying it, and that companies put the costs of the product including taxes into the price of the product. And when taxes make your product uncompetitive, you move to a jurisdiction that has a more attractive tax rate.

  9. Right! And pigs will fly. When proposed spending exceeds income, even with a carbon tax, either he failed math or he is just dishonest. Furthermore, this is the same man from the same party who found that the latest budget was not acceptable, and he and his party wanted more spending. Considering that the budget in question would not qualify as a truly conservative budget, still too much spending, it is impossible to take this man's word concerning his promise to reduce the deficit.

  10. Cap and trade?

    They must have written their platform in McGuinty. What it means is a carbon tax.

  11. Well we know how the Liberals "balanced" the budget last time. On the backs of the Provinces by gutting Healthcare and Education transfers, and raping the EI fund. Perhaps American Iggo has a magic deficit cutting tree, right beside his magic increased spending tree. Either way the media will blindly, and duti-fully accept what ever double speak, clap trap exits Iggo's mouth.

  12. Ignatieff will be coming back with the Green Shift under a new name. Dion ended up running on it but only because Iggy lost that leadership race. The Green Shift was Ignatieff's plan to start with; he's the one that thought up & hatched that baby & being as arrogant as he is, I can't see him giving it up.
    It'll either come up during the campaign - or shortly after if we don't get a majority. Because they WILL band together on another bogus no-confidence vote & take over. They don't even need a formal coalition in order to do that.

  13. Mark Holland , minister responsible for the taaaaaarghsands .

  14. It says "slash" the deficit, not "eliminate" it.

    I predict their plan will still have a deficit by 2018.

  15. Personally, I do not trust anyone that bases their arguments on calling an opponent a liar every other time you open your mouth.

  16. Where do the Liberals say they can find Billions to pay for there promises,when they can't find the $40 million that they stole and still owe to Canada.And how can we ever think of letting them back into controlling the treasury when their leaders cannot pay their leadership debts from 2008.

  17. Conservative talking point! Propagation of myth about opponents! Straight opinion offered as fact! Repetition of discriminatory views hinted at in subtle context! Assorted fear-mongering! Guilt by manufactured association!

    Rabble Rabble Rabble! Try the kool-aid!

    I dare you to leave this comment up.

  18. Haha,
    no name commentor at 12:03 must be from Liblogs,
    they don't have anything to say about Iffy's Green Shaft either.
    Its THAT bad