Friday, April 22, 2011

Nervous In Vancouver

The Chicago Blackhawks have won 2 games in a row after going down 3-0, and suddenly the Vancouver Canucks are playing terrible hockey. The nervous tension in this city is rising rapidly, as many expected this year to be THE year. When they won the first 3 games against the team that eliminated them from the playoffs the last 2 seasons, it felt like destiny to Canucks fans. If this series goes to a game 7 at GM Place, there had better be riot police on standby.

Thursday afternoon I played a short round of golf with some of my friends, and I wore my Detroit Red Wings jersey. Normally that would attract smart ass comments from Canucks fans, but the Nuckleheads that I encountered were nervous and avoided eye contact. Detroit closed out their series after going up 3-0, and helped send the Jets back to Winnipeg.

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  1. Did you catch Ezra's response to Arbour Day?

    It is a hoot!

  2. Please Canucks - play well!!

  3. The Canucks seem to be mentally fragile. When a rookie ( Cody Hodgsen) is your best player, and the only one generating any offense, you're in trouble. If the Canucks are to close out this series, they need to stop watching the play and backing up, and start taking the game to the Blackhawks. The mental fragility of the Canucks is a reflection of their coach, and unfortunately, i think the Nucks are done. Too bad, because they have a good team. Kesler, Burrows, Sedins, especially Hank, Luongo, where are you? Wake up boys!! Having said that... Go Canucks Go!!!

  4. Ezra reminds me of the neighbourhood kids here that break branches of the park trees and damage plants for no reason, just senseless vandalism. I like Ezra but pointless destruction makes no sense to me. In general, I enjoy his shows.

  5. Well no - he is outrageous, but funny and makes great points. Ezra would never be a vandal, which is the whole point; that was a potted cedar, grown in some entrepreneur's lot. This is very funny for me, a BCer, who will never be allowed to cut the tree that will likely be a serious problem for my house foundation in a few years. Nanny state BC. No one in Canada should be fooled by a fake earth day.

  6. The Canucks lack a great team leader,like Mark Messier or Steve Yzerman, the tough guy to get the team focussed when the going gets rough.

    Greatest team leader I ever saw was Henri Richard,a third line centre who led by example and scathed the team in the dressing room if they got lazy.The Canucks don't have that type of leader,unfortunately.

    They do have everything else, scoring,defence, goaltending,but as Sean said,they lack that mental toughness.

    The Canucks should beat Chicago,although they may go seven games,but against Detroit,which DOES have that mental toughness,and the Team Leader,I can see them coming up short again.


  7. Its simple really. Jonathan Toews has ended up on his ass inside the Canuck net at least a half dozen many times have the Sisters ended up in the Hawks net? Pretty simple.