Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ignatieff: The North Is Not Grounds For Military Maneuvers

Monday the leader of the Liberal party was up in the arctic and at his press conference said that the north is not a place for military maneuvers, which is clearly a reference to military exercises that Canada practices in the far north. Well, maybe Ignatieff can further clarify what he meant when we said that the arctic is no ground for military maneuvers. Maybe he was referring to the PM on an ATV as a military maneuver, or he was referring to our military being able to maintain our sovereignty?

Our military needs to be able to conduct operations in the arctic or our land ceases to become Canadian soil. It's pretty simple. We need to practice military maneuvers in the Northwest Territories. Maybe Iggy isn't concerned about Russian planting a flag on the North Pole, but some of us are. Does Iggy want us to abandon the north and cede it to Russia? Maybe not, but I still suspect the man is more enamoured with 19th century Russia than 21st century Canada.


  1. How much of our land mass is above the habitable line hugging the border with the US? And how much of that is winter terrain from October-April? Where else should we be practicing our military maneuvers?

    Just shut-up, you carpet-bagging dilettane.

  2. I think it's shocking that he could so cavalierly diminish the critical role that the First Nations Arctic Rangers play in defending our nation.

    The Rangers play a vital and historic role, and with one snide remark Ignatieff has brushed aside their contribution to our welfare.

  3. I agree that "that the First Nations Arctic Rangers play [a very important role] in defending our nation." I've only seen them once-in-a-while on tv, yet I was very impressed by what the do for Canada.

    The LIEberals - and particularly Biffy - may not care about Northern sovergnty, but I and milliona of Canadians do.

    I can just see if Biffy ruled Canada - the military would be the first department to be cut - SHAME on Biffy.

    If he feels that way about their contribution to Canada, I also wonder if he even cares about Canadians in the North.

    I wish there was a way to mention to the First Nations Arctic Rangers do not listen to Biffy or any LIEberal if that is how they feel abou them.

  4. It sounds more like him defending American interest rather than Canada's, but he clearly considers himself more American than Canadian.

  5. For a guy with a Phd in History and such a dedicated Canuck you would think that Ignatieff would be more aware of the' Canadian Rangers'.I might be mistaken but was there not an Uncle Igor who led the Inuit to the North Pole for the first time in history in one of his Canadian ancestor books.

  6. I think it's particularly telling given Ignatieff's Russian history. I don't believe for a single second that Iggy has Canada's best interests at heart... he's looking after himself, like any Liberal politician. I believe he has secrets- big, scary secrets we'll never know about until it's too late.