Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Sun TV For Me

Sadly I do not get Sun TV in my Telus cable package, and my computer is too old and fragile to watch video online. As excited as I have been to watch the newest news network, alas I shall be deprived of this essential service. Telus generally displays all the channels available, even if you don't get them in order to encourage you to buy an expanded package. After a diligent search of all channels, there was no Sun TV.

I'll send an angry e-mail to Telus, but I can't afford to buy an expanded package. We already had to buy 25 channels just to get the History channel. It is almost criminal the way they bundle channels together. If you are looking for a cable provider, I do not recommend Telus. I'm locked in for another few months, but if they don't offer Sun TV, I won't be a customer for much longer.

I get 12 different CBC feeds for f**k sakes! This is not fair!


  1. The box to update your receiver is 29.95 if you buy it from Shaw Direct Technical and 100.00 if you buy if from a local dealer.

    I've got one on the way. Said he pissed that they didn't tell me this months ago so that I wouldn't have missed the grand opening show.


  2. I'm in the same boat. Hopefully they stream it live soon... and you can get a new PC. They are pretty cheap these days.

  3. You could phone someone up and have them describe it to you.

    "Ok ok the blonde chick is turning to the dark haired older guy & saying Well "Bob it looks like we'll be shoveling snow again."

    "Here, listen!" your friend holds the phone out to the TV. "See huh? Good Huh?"

    Hey.... it could work. Just trying help geez.

  4. I too was pissed that they didn't say that you needed upgraded receivers (how convenient, huh)...when I mentioned that Oprah's new network came up with no new receiver needed - the rep pointed out that that was a good point.

    I think this was planned - maybe my tin foil hat is a little too tight, but it seems pretty convenient that THIS channel needs all these upgrades making it even more difficult for the general public to see it.

    BTW - when the FREE preview is over on SHAW - we will all need to have the FYI package to get it - wanna bet that will be another cost and even more people will not get it?????

    Sun TV should be making this public

  5. Hello everyone! I have Shaw Direct Satellite, and SunTV is one of 4 or 5 channels that are on their new Satellite 2. So that means that I need to upgrade into the tech world and get the new upgraded receiver that is set up to receive signal from both satellites - so I got a pretty decent deal and ordered the HDPVR one for $200 less than regular price.

    It's on the way (should be here by the end of the week), and I hope it's worth it. Some of the online videos have been pretty good so far, but it's silly that they decided to make it difficult for many to get this channel.

    And by the way, we have the Digital Favourites package, and SunTV is supposed to be included when the preview ends...

  6. I went and looked on Shaw Direct's site. When the free preview is over for Sun News Network, it is available in the following bundles/packages:
    FYI, Take 1/2, Digital Favourites.

  7. I phoned Telus to ask if they would carry Sun TV. The girl I spoke too seemed to know nothing about it. I also asked if they had any calls regarding the channel. She said no. I then asked her if she would advise us if and when they would carry this channel. She told me to watch my billing each month where they notify us re movies, changes, etc. Funny, she was right. They do notify us of the above. I just never noticed. I only looked at what I owed and wrote a cheque. Now, I will pay more attention to the billing each month, to see what is offered. Perhaps if more people called about Sun TV and requested it, they may see fit to carry it.

    1. telus still does not carry it, i just sent an email to them asking when if ever will it be offered and i got this for a response:

      Thank you for your email. Please note that emails sent to this email address will not receive a response.

  8. can't get it on cogeco.

  9. Maybe everyone in Telus' regions should write in and ask them to replace the CBC with SunNews.

  10. Wish I could find a stream. Heck, I'll write a cheque to Sun Media Group for a stream. But I can't get it on Cogeco, and I don't subscribe to Cable/Satellite anyways. Internet TV service for me.

    And Ice, just how old is your boat anchor of a PC? Mine was Staples clearance in 06, and still has less than 1 gig of ram, and I stream everything!

    Might need to get you some new gear, but as an objectivist, I aim to upgrade mine first once business picks up. Which won't happen if I get a Lib-Dem carbon tax that no one is talking about. Hard enough with fuel prices right now.

    Keep them coming, I love reading them

  11. I wouldn't worry too much. You won't get much from it; other than a boner. I watched it for one hour and I heard nothing that I didn't know or hadn't read in the newspaper a week ago.

  12. Hey Iceman I called them the day of the launch and I was told that since it is on the satilite feed it will usally be between a month or two until we can get it on the optik system. But I told them that they better get it now or else many people will leave them and she had me moved up the chain over there.

  13. I didn't have SunTV,then I got a call from a lady who spoke very poor English. As I was about to hang up on her,she blurted out a phrase I always understand with my Scottish ears, "free fo' sis mon".

    I enquired gently,"WHAT is free for six months",and lo and behold,it was Shaw's digital converter,which can get me Sun TV!

    So, I've watched SunTV for a couple of days now,and must say I'm underwhelmed. We on the Blogging Tories psyched ourselves up to believe we would be viewing Fox North,but the reality is somewhat less exciting.

    So far, apart from Ezra Levant's rants,the best thing about Sun TV is Krista Erickson's tight blouse.

    The channel reminds me more of the old Saskatchewan TV station I used to watch in the 60's,CKOV-TV,Yorkton,than it does of Fox.

    But,I shall watch it faithfully for the next six months and see how they grow into their niche in the Canadian TV market.

  14. I feel for you man.Theres been a few bumps but now the cast is starting to get more comfortable.Ezra Levant is really getting his groove in and is on fire.

    Weve heard from Liberals and NDPers.Its actually amusing watching them be on the hot seat for a bloody change!

    Adler made some excellant points about corporate tax cuts and made me understand that issue better.

    Kinsella also countered about what Harper said about the Iraq war.Mind you i supported the war because of Saddam's gassing of the Kurds in northern Iraq.

    Yknow this isnt a bad thing you getting all those CBC feeds.You keep us advised on what the left is saying ,and Sun watchers can counter from the other side of the fence.


  15. Shaw cable sucks too, as you have to have their digital service to get it. I have not hooked up the box.

  16. You're not missing much. I was subjected to the Sun TV comedy network for several hours. It's not funny like Steven Colbert. They're trying too hard and it's just not working. Liberals bad. Conservatives good. Big corporations good. Let the market decide what's best / vote with your dollars...so if $1 = 1 vote and the top 20% own 85% of the wealth where does that leave democracy? Why would you want to give them 85% of the power instead of actually leaving it in something you have a bit of say in and some control over? Colbert makes such debates fun and has more laughs in half an hour than this entire channel gets in a week. It's just not funny. Maybe they could fire everyone and turn it into a real news channel.

  17. Colbert sucks!!! Anything liberal with a big mouth and no facts to back it up. Everything is a joke to the guy.

    FYI the last thing we need is to subside political parties, that is why we keep having these elections.