Saturday, April 2, 2011

Iggy's Focus On Families

As week two of the campaign begins, the Liberals are focusing on families. The question is will Ignatieff resonate with Canadian voters on this issue, or whether it will ring hollow. The guy who abandoned his children back in England to move to Boston is suddenly an expert on Canadian family values? By pointing this out, will I be accused of attacking his family? I'm simply wondering out loud if this guy should be a spokesperson on families, because he never seems entirely comfortable around children.


  1. I don't think it's an attack at all. Let's not forget the media making hay out of the PM shaking his adolescent son's hand on the morning after the 2006 election. Now that WAS an attack.

    There are all kinds of examples of a distant, disconnect with this man when it comes to his own family and so yes, it is a bit rich for him to speak as though he gets what families need.

    The Liberals (Ignatieff) have chosen to exploit the Ignatieff family in their ads and so one has to wonder, how does his family relate to middle class Canadian families?

    They think they should raise them in daycares/schools,pretend to pay for their education, (even the students saw through that mess) so I'd say it's sort of the same as his childhood.
    Ship them off and let someone else raise them with govt money.

  2. this putz looks like the late Walter Mathau in Crazy Old Men. Also - even though the msm knobs are giving Ig a pass here: nice red v-neck, Ig.[circa 1950-ish the late James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, yes?] He does look neat-o in those pink shirts, too. But his bestest shots are Ig in blue shirts, blue sweaters. Makes him feel more George Dubya-oriented, I'm sure.



    t.e. & o.e.

  3. As I said elsewhere, iggy wearing blue is sending a subliminal message to pick the blue door.

  4. There is a G&M bio 2006, that not only points out that Iggy refused to be a real dad to his children, he also screwed his own family into the ground. It's ironic that he has that alzheimer's ad out now, when in fact he only visited his ailing mother once or twice a year. It was his bro Andrew that stuck it out and cared for the parents. Iggy then wrote a book on the hardships of caring for a sick mom and didn't even mention the fact he had a brother. He upset and used his parents in their elderly years terribly. Now he's concerned about children and ailing parents? Give me a break!!!


  5. Iggy is an arrogant Count from a dynastic class which believed, in its era, that "children should be seen and not heard". Parents did not raise their children, people were hired to raise them. Adults dealt with lofty affairs of state and keeping the peasants in their place.

  6. If you really want to know how passionate he is for his family, may I suggest that you visit Youtube and search for “ Michael Ignatieff explains why he abandoned his kids ”

    In his own words, he’ll explain to you what he’s really all about.

  7. As opposed to Mr Harper who shook his son's hand rather then hug him? C'mon folks, get real. Could we focus on the issues in Canada and stop the mud-slinging?

    As long as it was legal I don't really care what a politician did 20 years ago. I want to know what s/he did yesterday and what they're going to do in the next 4 years.

  8. "Could we focus on the issues in Canada and stop the mud-slinging?"

    That would be a pleasant idea if it was a reality. Have you watched any of the pressers with the leaders? I have yet to hear questions posed to the PM that are applicable to his announcement and yet the exact opposite is true of his opponents.

    The question posed on this thread is valid and that is the question that I answered.
    If Ignatieff has opened the door by exposing himself and family in HIS ads (they are all about him)then it should be fair game to show contradictions by using his own words.

    The example that I used about 2006 was done less than 24 hours after the election by many journalists and we have yet to see anything similar done to Ignatieff.

    Why is it okay to remind Canadians what SH did 20 years ago and no one else? Just sayin'