Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Canadian Debates 2011

Congrats to Stephen Harper on a job well done in tonight's leader's debates, where he was calm, cool, and collected while Ignatieff just came across as a grumpy old man. To those pundits who presumed that Iggy was a great debater because he went to college have to be a little bit embarrassed after Tuesday's performance. Jack Layton did surprisingly well, I'd say the best showing I've seen of him since he became NDP leader. The best moment of the night came when Layton cornered Ignatieff on missing 70% of votes in the House of Commons. Iggy had no clever retort and was clearly not expecting this question, as his response was just an angry "how dare you lecture me on Democracy". It was the closest thing to a knockout punch.

Listening to some of the analysis, the consensus is that Ignatieff lost (if you don't count Duceppe, who was so bad it was almost funny). In the French debates, Harper and Layton need to just do what they did tonight, while Iggy needs to take a sedative of some sort and try to be more like Harper. Many are saying that he missed an opportunity to discuss and present the Liberal platform. He spent too much time on the offensive and came off as uncomfortably abrasive. Mansbridge was making jokes about the opposition trying to "provoke angry Steve", but nobody had to "provoke angry Mike"; he was proudly displayed for all to behold. Of course Mansbridge was trying to spin the results as Harper getting lucky with podium placement. Whatever helps you sleep tonight Peter.

Harper and Layton won, Ignatieff and Duceppe lost. I'm glad that Elizabeth May was not invited.


  1. My my my!

    What a difference a debate makes!

    Why it was only yesterday that this blog was deeming with smart mouthed libtards who were enjoying themselves as they beaked off about everything.

    Where could they have all gone so suddenly?

    I guess you could say that the “hahaha” is on them.

  2. You know what else? I actually liked watching this one. I think May not being there helped but more than anything it was fun watching Jack and Harper bring their A game and Iggy implode.

  3. AMAZING! I cannot believe that TWICE now I've agreed with you? What is this world coming to. I didn't watch the whole debate because I had to go to work. There were some things that I agreed with Iggy but on the whole, I think Harper kept to his usual calm presence and Layton came out swinging against both the main leaders. I think he landed some good shots to. I would agree, with what I saw of the debate, with the assertion that Harper and Layton won out. Iggy did seem nervous and stumbled a little bit. Wasn't as energetic as I think he should have been. The one thing, though, that I did agree with Iggy, and where I've always departed from my party (the NDP) is our presence in Afghanistan needs to be maintained. We've committed and we cannot tuck tail and run. What are we if we cannot at least stick to a commitment abroad.

  4. I didn't like the debate. There was nothing original, all the usual rhetoric, no real depth to anything, just proverbial chest beating by the leaders. It seems to get worse in this regard each election.

    I'm sick and tired of hearing what's wrong with the other party, I want to know what YOU are going to do for ME!

  5. You must not have watched the debate because that's all Harper talked about.

  6. I'm surprised that Layton is getting so much praise as his performance disappointed me...almost hucksterish and his skin colour was virtually orange on my tv. I thought Harper was fine if a little cold while Iggy was okay, certainly better than portrayed in the Conservative ads. I doubt too many opinions changed last night and we seem on track for another Conservative minority.