Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Harper Campaigning In Quebec

Today Stephen Harper is campaigning in the province of Quebec. Hold on a second, hasn't everyone been saying that the Prime Minister has given up on Quebec? The lack of arena funding, the support for Newfoundland electrical infrastructure, and no HST payout were all supposed to be evidence that the PM was intentionally tanking Quebec to pick up seats elsewhere in Canada. So how is it that the Tories are beating the Liberals by over 7% in the Q?

This is yet another example of how polling data is not fitting the story being told by the media. We were told that the Tories had a terrible week 1, but they went up in the polls. Iggy was supposedly on fire but his trustworthy numbers are free falling. The Conservatives were supposed to be vulnerable in BC on the unpopular HST, but they are sitting at almost 50% support on the left coast. Public opinion is not supporting what the media is saying.

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  1. And it never will.Who owns these newspapers.It is his opinion that is front page.So it is the owner who should be jailed for this continuous assault on our Government.Every time a false scandal appeared in the newsprint the police should have been sent in and taken all material from the newspaper,something like what the elections Canada did to the Conservatives.Well I can dream can,t I.