Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Liberals Are Advertising On My Blog

Imagine my surprise when I loaded my website last night and saw that somebody had bought ad space on my website for the Liberal Party through Google. For those who don't know, the ads you see on Blogger pages are assigned via a bidding process with Google Adsense. Individual bloggers play no role in choosing who places ads, except the right to block specific links. The ad on my site linked to a Liberal Youtube video titled Rise Up Canada. I don't know who bid to have the ad posted, the party or a supporter, as Google doesn't share that information.

This first showed up on the same day as Sun TV premiered, and many observed that most of the political ads on the network were from the Liberal Party. It would seem as though the Libs are trying to venture into generally unfriendly waters. This is part of a strategy, though I doubt that it will be effective. Two weeks ago the CBC bought ad space for their Vote Compass.


  1. Not a surprise! I have noticed that Liberal and NDP ads have been popping up regularly to preface videos on YouTube. Strange how none of them are from the CPC.

  2. Rise up! Rise up!
    Poor Liberals
    They go to Harvard for a Messiah and get a Viagra salesman
    Beware of fakes

  3. Ignatieff is the most petty adult, I have ever seen.The Liveral party are dangerous when desperate.

  4. Is anyone else sick of Iggy scolding Canadians day in and day out!

  5. Yes, Canadians are revolted by Iffy's attacks.
    The American Democrat need not wage his finger at us.

  6. It was funny watching Sun TV launch and listening to Liberal attack ads on our PM. The quality and quantity of nationa adverstisers on the new network signal a great deal of work is needed. The Liberal ad placement reinforces the scattershot media buy.

    The CPC ads are on Prime Time on key networks with larger audiences. Media buying in the right markets is another example of a good organization.

    You can thank the Liberals ads for helping towards a new comp and posting your Conservative minded blog.

    Thanks Iggy!

  7. Click on the ads every time you see them ... it costs them money!

  8. anonymous 7:54 AM I don't agree with your premiss ......"it costs them money"
    explain how that works
    I wouldn't click on them if they payed me money

  9. Advertisers have to pay per click so clicking on liberal ads costs them a dollar or two per click depending on the location. If you see a liberal ad make sure you click on it.