Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Liberal White Supremacist Taken Off Ballot

Could you imagine the firestorm in the media if a Tory candidate in Quebec was discovered (after the nomination process) to be the founding member of a white supremacist organization? Well today the Liberal Party found themselves in exactly that situation, with Iggy having to pull a Quebec candidate for creating the Association for the Rights of Whites (I'm sure that won't help them with the immigrant vote). Evidently the Liberals aren't very diligent in their vetting process, forcing Ignatieff to spend most of the day in damage control (it took Mike 5-7 hours to turf the neo-Nazi). All it would have taken to find out who this guy was in the nomination process was a single Google search, but that's too much work for the Liberals.

I'd say this takes a little steam out of the "strong" Liberal campaign, unless "white power" was one of their intended slogans in rural Quebec. If you have been paying attention to the campaign, you'd know that the Liberals have been relentlessly attacking the Tories for allowing questionable characters to volunteer for the Party. Meanwhile the Liberals have questionable characters running for office, and that's much much worse than a plain and simple volunteer.

So somebody got asked to leave a Tory event. That's better than a white supremacist running under the Party banner.


  1. Well, the organization is officially named "Association for the Rights of Whites". The name doesn't really imply caucasian superiority, but more on advocacy for the rights of that very much overlooked group, the average white male.

    A candidate being fired in the middle of the campaign is nothing new. I'm more interested in learning more about this organization and what they actually do.

  2. It's good to read about it here, dollars to donuts it won't make the papers!

  3. No Top Can, he's a white supremacist. The media told me so, and they are above reproach.

  4. See what happens when you DON'T micro manage :)
    I actually like that the Conservative strategists are playing it know they should have caught but it happens...althought it did take him 7 hours to come to a decision...but in a campaign..
    pretty cool and calm
    Still want Harper to go for the jugular and put down the Liberal beast

  5. Well done Top Can, and if instead of featherheads which is the word he used; we replace with niXXer, you no doubt would be on Google in a second. Where is the bottom for you Sir?

  6. Sad coverage by the biased media on this issue. The Liberal spin machine is talking about how QUICK Iggy was to get rid of the candidate, but continue to harp on two college students who didn't get to see PM Harper, are they kidding?

    I hope PM Harper takes the high road on this and shows Iggy for the classless power hungry dufus we all know Iggy to be.

  7. There was a time lag of several hours between Iggy anouncing the Liberals would "investigate the validity" of the claim and when he announced the candidate was turfed. All he needed to do was a quick Google search and a phone call to the candidate.

    Moreover this guy was put on the ballot 18 months ago. So nobody in the riding association thought to Google this guy's name over a year and a half? Did this guy not share his aboriginal policies with anyone at the office at any point?

    The NDP found the website. Well done NDP! More Liberals should consider voting NDP. Though the Dippers lost a candidate last election when he was found on Youtube talking about how much fun it is to drive a car while tripping on acid.

    Vetting is not something the coalition is very good at...

  8. Pablo gets to stay , will this Lib candidate?
    About that LPC vetting there Mr Apps:

    A Liberal candidate for a Vancouver-area riding was convicted of driving drunk in 2005

    Read more:

  9. I wonder when the ndp found that and waited to spring it on the liberals. Maybe if iggy had not been throwing Layton under the bus, it would have stayed hidden.
    OT but who will show up at the poll with him when iggy casts his vote, considering his wife can't vote as she is not a Canadian citizen. Guess he is just visiting if his wife wont take out her citizenship papers.

  10. The NDP: Doing the job the MSM won't do. There a sentence I never thought I'd write!

  11. This is what is so annoying Iceman.

    "All he needed to do was a quick Google search and a phone call to the candidate."

    What?Iggy's fingers dont work?
    Cant he do this himself?

    Ive said this before, when an everyday shmuck like myself can get this info before the MSM does ,well yknow the rest.


  12. To top it all off, the paper this AM reported the man is Metis.