Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elizabeth Gets Lucky

After watching all the publicity that Elizabeth May has been getting since being denied a seat at the debates, you have to think this was really the best thing that could have happened to her. Basically right now she is getting plenty of air time on every radio and TV show talking about a single issue, her participation in debates. She's not out there lobbying for a carbon tax, shutting down the oil sands, or any of the nutty pieces of the Green platform. Her entire campaign has become solely about the debates, and she is getting far more time on the air waves than she otherwise would have.

I listened to her on Tuesday and a big part of her argument is that if the Bloc is in the Greens should be in. My contention is that neither should be in. Let the Bloc do the French debates, but not the English debates. I'd like to see the NDP dropped from the French debates. The all inclusive debates last year were convoluted. And I reject the idea that May should be there because Duceppe is there because I do not think the Bloc should participate. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Speaking of respect for Democracy, why isn't anyone in the media asking Elizabeth why she foricbly avoided a leadership review for two years? A leadership review was not in the best interest of Lizzy's Democracy. By the way, Green poll numbers have stayed flat since the announcement that the Greens were not invited to the debates. I don't think anyone really cares, and the people that are most likely to care vote Liberal or NDP. Jack and Iggy are taking her side, but the stronger the Green Party is, the worse it is for the other left wing parties. Jack won't come out and say he'll do better if Elizabeth weakens, but it is still true.


  1. It's great listening to Crazy Liz suck up precious news cycle time talking about how her perfectly reasonable exclusion from the debates is a charter issue!

  2. My hope is that a majority will cause a reset at the leader level in this country.
    I'm tired of the actors.
    I'm tired of living in interesting times.
    A coalition will just prolong that.

    A majority gets us four years of peace.
    And new actors.

    Ignatieff is 63.
    He'd be 67 in the next campaign.
    And Rae's in the same boat.

    May is done after this without a seat. She's facing a review after a two year postponement.

    Layton might have to be pushed, but I think he's in worse physical shape than is being said.

    And Duceppe, who's already tried to leave, is also 63.

    Even if you don't like the tories, the chance to get a slate of fresh faces on top has got to be worth entertaining.
    We've been hearing the same voices arguing for the last five years and it's time to move on.
    If Harper gets a majority he'd be in office ten years at the end of that term.
    I think this is his last campaign, too, unless the coalition prevails.

    I've been waiting for someone in the msm to bring it up but I don't think they'll bother until the post-mortem when it won't do any good in persuading the undecideds.

  3. Refused the Greens entry to my condo yesterday and was threatened with a fine and 6 months in jail in violation of the elections act. Lizzy needs to spend less time in court and more time in the "court of public opinion"!!