Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Duceppe Bombs

Chantal Hebert declared the 2011 English language debates the worst ever performance at a debate for Gilles Duceppe in his long tenure as Bloc leader. I'm not often inclined to agree with Chantal, but on this point her analysis is absolutely correct. Duceppe was so bad it was funny, or at least would have been funny if not for the balance of power this man could posses in a coalition government. Gilles answers were all fluff and he struggled with his word selection more than usual. That being said, there really is little risk to him in the English debates, as his livelihood depends on the French debates.

The part where he was praising multiculturalism was a bit rich coming from the province of language police that is more assimilation heavy than any other part of Canada. If you aren't moving here from a French speaking country you will struggle living in Quebec, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

By the way, the Bloc should not be included in the English debates.


  1. Yes the Bloc should be in the English debates so that Canadians outside of Quebec can see and hear for themselves the individuals who often hold an unproportional sway over this country. The Bloc leaders are not all that visible outside of Quebec and this is one of the few opportunites for the mushy middle to see for themselves.

  2. I say let him speak. It will give Canadians pause when they consider he could hold veto in a coalition. Essentially if you are for the coalition, this guy is on your team... do you really want to be on that team?

  3. Post election the Bloc and the Greens will disappear with the repealing of the Chretien $1.95 per vote subsidy.

    Bob Rae will merge the further left of the Lienerals with the NDP, forming the New Liberal Democrats.

    Iggy will have tire tracks all across his back just like the hapless Dion before him.

  4. This pic deserves a caption contest Iceman

  5. You ask if the Bloc should be in the English debate. Where they should be in my opinion is before a judge and jury facing treason charges for trying to cause the destruction of our country. Just because they do it in the open and not secretly like a spy in the employ of a foreign power makes no difference. They seek the destruction of our country and should be treated as the treasonous traitors they are.