Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harper's Smear Campaign

Any respect that I had left for Helena Guergis vanished on Friday in her weepy press conference where she accused the Prime Minister of engaging in a smear campaign against her. Not only do I agree with her expulsion from cabinet and ultimately caucus, it is absurd to accuse the PM of a slanderous effort to discredit her. Her husband was using her office to lobby for government contracts, and he was advertising on his website that he had special access to the PMO. That's the biggest reason Helena got the boot, not some evil conspiracy to end her career. We can say that people should not be held responsible for the actions of their spouse, but they certainly should if they are a member of parliament and their spouse is using their office for lobbying purposes.

In the limited television I watched on Friday, I did not see anyone in the media talking about how the Guergis family was all but wiped out in her region in the last round of municipal elections due to conflict of interest allegations on a controversial land development initiative.


  1. I remember the day she stood in front of the camera's after her husband was charged and that too was the day that the Opposition party members and media started ATTACKING her. I simply don't remember the PM of any Conservative members doing anything but defending her.

    Those attacks continued by the Opps in QP and the media in print or screen. No where was the PM doing the same.
    She kept her job and her portfolio.

    I am currently disgusted with her whiny, pathetic, poor me, poor me routine. She should be looking at the person that she sleeps with first, Ignatieff and his back room gossip children and the same media that she gleefully ran too.

    Her career is over and thankfully so.

  2. It is a strange story. How it has evolved and how it has been coveered by the media should become a case study of ethics in journalism school, but of course that isn't going to happen.

  3. Pathetic attempt to get re elected. No party will offer her a home. When you drop a letter to try and embarrass your former leader and party you are showing your trustworthiness. Come to think of it maybe the liberal party is her true home!

  4. Definitely another strong reason for her to cross the floor - Would the Liberals take on the baggage with open arms as they did Ms. Stronach and Bryson?
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! - Don't think so.
    Coffee's hot, suns up (as are the polls) and all is well.
    Cons majority - You bet!

    E Mac

  5. not sure I saw the ses tracking poll got cons ten points ahead of the liberals but its the numbers that bother me. cons 38.8 liberals 28.8 the ndp 19.5 the numbers are the same for the conservatives as when they became in power and that bothers me we need a Conservative majority. it seems people do beleive the media. cant wait till sunnews on monday.

  6. Say goodbye!

  7. She came off sounding like something with some serious emotional/mental problems, and the cross hanging on the chain around her neck probably eradicated any sympathy should could have garnered from the left or her new found media buddies. In my opinion, it almost looked good on the PM for letting her go: she's nutty.

  8. We have moved on beyond her track record of embarrassing the residents of Simcoe-Grey and will be sending Conservative Dr. Kellie Leitch to Ottawa.

  9. PMSH never revealed the accusations,
    Helena did, yesterday.
    She smeared herself.

    People tend to think 'just because the law found no evidence, doesn't mean it didn't happen'.
    imo, she sunk her reputation all on her own.

    If she does sue PMSH, there are miles of footage where the Opposition smeared her, not the PM.
    Iffy even suggested, outside of House immunity, that she ran with criminals.

  10. I posted over at BC Blue yesterday about my feelings on this story and having read the comments posted here. It seems the general consensus of many.
    From a strictly emotional perspective... the one that Ms Guergis seems totally preoccupied with,...she seems to feel that, should she lose this election, she loses everything; power,prestige,income and perhaps her marriage.

    That may sound harsh and perhaps I am stepping beyond what is proper for a stranger to comment on as regards another's life.

    However when one elects to enter the political arena and desires to affect my life through policy decision, then I feel it fair game to comment on their mettle.

    I have my own perspective on her husband Rahim and it is not very complimentary...her reasons for hooking up in harness with him are hers, though I question the wisdom of such a decision.
    She is now looking at a power couple that are fast heading into obscurity and not knowing what lies ahead both privately and publicly.

    Hence her desperate attempt at trying to lay the blame of her misfortune at any doorstep but her own.

    Good luck Helena...we all make mistakes both in life and in love, and to lie down with wolves will only get you scorn from all,as you so rightly deserve at this time.
    You are not unique though you are foolishly immature,

  11. Oh yes... Helena be a good little girl and stop disagreeing with the dear leader. You know Steve don't like no back talking wimen. Wimen ain't allowed to have no opinion so shut up already.

  12. I found that really weird that she said Harper had a smear campaign against her but then said she had to file an access to information request to find out what he had said about her.

  13. The most odd thing was Warren Kinsella spinning this as actually GOOD for the Tories in Simcoe - that HG is starting to gain traction in her riding.

    It's actually rather amusing though that an "Independant Conservative" gets more national press than the leader of the Green Party.

  14. Sounds to me like she has PPD, don't a lot of mothers get that after the birth of their child.
    My son was watching tv and come up and said, guess what, and told me of this press conference, and he thought it just happened. Told him, do the math, she has a 4 mos old child, and she was not pregnant when this all started.
    Well he said, the media makes it sound like it just happened.

  15. Helena just does not get it. Her problems with caucus began long before the PI allegations.

    Her interviews with Mansbridge and the desperate attempt now will ensure that her career as a CPC candidate is forever dead. How did she not understand this before she opened her mouth?

    The PM actually protected her for a while, but then acted decisively, as he has the right to do, backed by opposition demands for her removal more than once, and the new, wierd accusations.

    Apparently, she has a vindictive streak just because Harper did not personally talk to her. Boohoo - she became a big liability by her own actions before the "non-scandal".

    She looked pathetic in the recent interview, probably designed to manipulate and improve her 3rd place riding standing, which will be a fail. It is personally sad for her to have been maligned by the media, but none of us believe the PI. She should sue him rather than attack the PM. She and her family need to move on. Right now, all conservatives are angry at her for trashing the PM in the middle of an election, so she is not certainly not thinking about her "conservative family"!!!!

    The voters of Simcoe deserve to choose their MP and they will on May 2.

  16. Is there a women Minister that the coalition has NOT attacked and asked for their resignation?
    Only Josee, and PMSH stood behind every cabinet minister, male or female.... even Helena, until she just become too much of a liability.

    And it was the CAUCUS that does not want her back. A1 beotch.

  17. It's probably her huge mortgage and facing unemployment that have her most upset.