Saturday, April 9, 2011

Harper Goes Bollywood

Just two days after the Liberals had to sack a Quebec candidate for founding a white supremacist organization, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a public appearance with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar in Brampton Ontario. This event was not very far away from embattled Liberal Ruby Dhalla, who happens to be a failed Bollywood performer. After her career as a dancer flopped, she later became involved in politics. This kind of high profile event with a popular Punjabi star can only hurt the Liberal Party in Greater Toronto.

Nice to see the Prime Minister supporting the arts.

"Canada and India are much closer today, not just business-wise, but also culturally, and this is all because of your leadership and commitment," Kumar told Conservative leader Stephen Harper at a Brampton, Ont., movie theatre where fans gathered to watch his latest film 'Thank you.'

"I want to dedicate this film to the prime minister," Kumar said, before dancing on stage with Harper's wife, Laureen.


  1. With support like that, who cares what some fire group says. Bet more go to see the movie than buy their records.

  2. The film was also shot in Vancouver and Toronto so this is a good chance to show Harper's foreign investment credentials.

  3. Pundits Guide has IRuby in trouble in her riding, I hope it is true. Also hear Holland has a fight on his hands.

  4. It would kinda be like Christmas to get the present of watching the backs of their heads as they headed down the road. Ah yes!! What a wonderful sight!

  5. What did Mr Kumar say to the PM at the end of the dance? CBC showed a comment being made, but couldn't catch it.